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Data security, data compliance, and DSPM from one solution.

The IBM Guardium® Insights data security platform helps enterprises strengthen their data security programs. With robust capabilities that help uncover shadow data, protect sensitive information, provide central visibility across hybrid-clouds, and streamline data compliance requirements – it offers one solution for enterprise data security needs.

Designed for data security specialists

Guardium Insights is designed to provide data security specialists with a centralized hub where they can retain monitored data for compliance or analytic purposes for as long as they need to. With best-in-class features such as automated compliance, auditing, reporting and near real-time monitoring, Guardium Insights can help users meet data compliance regulations with a reduction in audit prep time. Guardium Insights can complement and enhance existing IBM Guardium® Data Protection deployments or be installed on its own to help protect customer data and sensitive information, and solve data compliance and cloud data activity monitoring challenges.


Mastering Data Residency

Learn about effective strategies to fortify your data residency with compliance measures

Special report

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19+ data sources are directly monitored by Guardium Insights.

Monitor sources across your multicloud environment

8 preconfigured compliance templates position your information security to meet the most rigorous security standards and compliance requirements.

Compliance monitoring for GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, SOX, PHI and more

Use cases

Guardium Insights offers a unified solution for enterprises to address their data security needs. By offering solutions for data monitoring, simplifying compliance and improving data security posture from one place, enterprises can limit tool sprawl. Now, enterprises can centralize their data visibility from 19+ cloud environments, speed up compliance, and detect data security vulnerabilities from one location.

Data security and protection Strengthen your risk management by using the risk engine to reduce noise and exclude non-critical assets from your reports. Advanced analytics help you understand the broader story, identify data risks and threat patterns, enable immediate action against data breaches, and keep all stakeholders informed. Explore data security and protection with Guardium Insights
Data compliance Access preconfigured and advanced compliance capabilities and workflows that allow your enterprise to quickly address its compliance needs. Explore data compliance with Guardium Insights
Data security posture management Enhance enterprise data security by providing comprehensive oversight and control with DSPM tools. Uncover shadow data, detect data flows, identify vulnerabilities, and streamline security protocols to strengthen your data posture. Explore DSPM with Guardium Insights

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Integrate with Guardium Data Protection

IBM Guardium provides a data security and compliance solution designed to help clients locate, classify, and take action to protect sensitive data residing on premises and in the cloud. By integrating Guardium Data Protection and Guardium Insights, you can streamline your architecture, increase agility and improve response to threats and business requirements, all while supporting your specific business needs.

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Faster compliance with guided experience & pre-built reports

Reduced risk with pre-built security reports & risk-based analytics

Simplified reporting & collaboration

Actionable insights with build-your-own reports & custom dashboards

Compliance standards supported

Improved decision making with tracking and reporting review

We've made a quick video guide for you on setting up the GI Sandbox if you want a step-by-step walkthrough.


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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to some frequently asked questions. For more information, contact an IBM representative.

Are any other offerings needed to use Guardium Insights?

Guardium Insights supports IBM Security Guardium Data Protection and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments. It supports IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Databases (v11.x), IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Data Warehouses and IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data. For DBaaS, Guardium Insights supports Amazon AWS Kinesis (PostgreSQL) and other environments. Contact IBM to learn more.


Does Guardium Insights have any prerequisites?

To deploy Guardium Insights, customers must first deploy Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

For database as a service (DBaaS), can I stream my data security and compliance data directly into Guardium Insights?

Yes, you can stream data directly from DBaaS sources right to the Guardium Insights hub.

What DBaaS sources does Guardium Insights support?

Guardium Insights supports a variety of private and public cloud DBaaS sources, including AWS and Microsoft Azure and other providers. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative, your IBM Business Partner, or contact IBM directly.

What is the recommended environment needed to run Guardium Insights?

Specific requirements will vary based on your environment. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative or contact IBM directly.

Does Guardium Insights help address regulatory compliance and security standards?

Guardium Insights helps to address non-compliance for some of the most rigorous data compliance standards, data privacy laws , and personally identifiable information (PII) mandates, including:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PCI, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), DSS, SOX, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA).

Does Guardium Insights implement data governance?

Guardium Insights is a powerful tool to have in your data governance arsenal—but it does not implement data governance. Data security is about protecting data from external and internal threats, whereas data governance focuses on ensuring effective data management and compliance with data-related policies and regulations within an organization. Both concepts are essential components of a comprehensive data management strategy.

Does Guardium Insights enhance or replace management systems?

Guardium Insights is a comprehensive data security platform—and is a complement to any organization's data management strategy.

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