Which Guardium Insights solution best fits your needs?

No matter what your data security and compliance challenges are, we have a solution to support your business. Choose from our SaaS and software options.

SaaS options

IBM Security® Guardium® Insights SaaS

With three editions available, IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS offers data compliance and data security solutions based on your specific needs. With data source integrations, easy-to-use workflows and a simple user interface, Guardium Insights SaaS can meet the needs of large enterprises with experienced data security teams and small enterprises just getting started with data compliance.

Software options

IBM Security® Guardium® Insights software

IBM Security Guardium Insights software is ideal for organizations to address their data security and compliance needs. Its robust capabilities help enterprises automate compliance policy enforcement and centralize data activity from multiple clouds.

Deploy in your environment

Deploy Guardium Insights directly into your own environment

Guardium Insights is built on Red Hat® OpenShift® and deployed on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. This means it:

  • Deploys as microservices in open-source Kubernetes containers for flexibility
  • Installs on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud®, physical servers and other data source environments
  • Supports in-place upgrades and autoscaling to save time and resources
  • Integrates with IBM Cloud Pak® for Security to share data risk insights and enrich SOAR playbooks

Guardium Insights is priced according to the size and makeup of your data source environment and can be licensed for a specific service term or perpetually.

Visit the AWS marketplace (link resides outside ibm.com) to learn more about leveraging Guardium Insights on AWS.

Hosted deployment

Use hosted Guardium Insights services for on-demand access and managed maintenance

Converge Enterprise Cloud for Guardium Insights is a dedicated, cloud-agnostic, hosted, and managed service aimed to complement and quickly bring value to your Guardium Insights investment.

  • Work with Converge, an IBM Platinum Partner with over a decade of data security experience.
  • Converge experts (including the award-winning Information Insights team) maintain all Guardium Insights infrastructure.
  • All architecting, provisioning, upgrading, and scaling are managed for your organization.

Converge Enterprise Cloud for IBM Guardium Insights is offered with scalable pricing, similar to software-as-a-service monthly billing.

Frequently asked questions

Are any other offerings needed to use Guardium Insights?

Guardium Insights supports IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) environments. It supports IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection for Databases (v11.x), IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection for Data Warehouses and IBM Security® Guardium® Data Protection for Big Data. For DBaaS, Guardium Insights supports Amazon AWS Kinesis (PostgreSQL) and other environments. Contact IBM to learn more.

Does Guardium Insights have any prerequisites?

To deploy Guardium Insights, customers must first deploy Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform.

For database as a service (DBaaS), can I stream my data security and compliance data directly into Guardium Insights?

Yes, you can stream data directly from DBaaS sources right to the Guardium Insights hub.

What DBaaS sources does Guardium Insights support?

Guardium Insights supports a variety of private and public cloud DBaaS sources, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative, your IBM Business Partner, or contact IBM directly.

What is the recommended environment needed to run Guardium Insights?

Specific requirements will vary based on your environment. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative or contact IBM directly.

Why is it called IBM Security Guardium Insights for IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

Guardium Insights, while able to be deployed alone, provides a data security element to IBM Cloud Pak® for Security. In fact, the full product name is IBM Security® Guardium® Insights for IBM Cloud Pak® for Security. To learn more, please contact your IBM representative or contact IBM directly.

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