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Automate data compliance

The limitations of conventional audit reporting techniques often lead to complexities in maintaining compliance. As a result, a transition toward more streamlined and effective alternatives becomes critical, with automation playing a central role. Embracing automated technology not only expedites regulatory compliance procedures but also enhances the credibility of cybersecurity measures. This pivotal shift holds the potential to amplify compliance effectiveness and team productivity, signifying a noteable advancement in the audit reporting landscape. 

This need for improvement is addressed by IBM Security® Guardium® Insights, a data security and compliance solution designed to automate and accelerate data compliance processes. By implementing Guardium Insights, organizations can increase their confidence in meeting cybersecurity and data compliance regulations while also fostering enhanced team productivity. Discover the full spectrum of benefits that Guardium Insights can offer through a live demo.  

Navigating Data Residency

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Why Guardium Clients realize value quickly with the full set of Guardium features 52%

of organizations say the complexity introduced by shifting workloads to the public cloud has also made meeting compliance obligations more difficult.1

5.05 million

is the average cost of a data breach in USD for organizations with high compliance failures.2

4.01 million

is the average cost of a data breach in USD for organizations with low compliance failures.2

Compliance use cases
Accelerate compliance

Data compliance regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) require that organizations monitor how sensitive data is accessed and used throughout the lifecycle. Non-compliance can lead to financial and reputational penalties. With Guardium Insights you can access preconfigured and advanced compliance capabilities and workflows that allow your enterprise to quickly address its compliance needs, no matter what privacy regulation is involved.

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Enhance data retention

Guardium Insights addresses challenges inherent in traditional data security and compliance solutions by providing a centralized hub for retaining and maintaining data security and audit data for extended periods. Unlike other tools on the market, Guardium Insights allows data security specialists to store sensitive data for as long as needed, so they can create detailed reports for auditors and apply data security analytics over a longer time frame to identify more vulnerabilities.


Guardium Insights compliance features
Visibility Compliance workspace The compliance workspace is your command center, delivering an at-a-glance view on your entire compliance program. There are several panels that enable you to monitor and manage your privacy compliance posture. Whether you’re looking to easily jump into your reports, update the groups that power your compliance program or track the state of your scheduled audits process—you can keep tabs on all of it here.

Monitoring Custom reports dashboard The reports dashboard helps you keep tabs on your data compliance status. You can track what specific users are doing, use the different panels to find suspicious activity and dive in further to investigate. Besides being risky, suspicious activity is even more concerning when you're trying to stay compliant with privacy regulations. With Guardium Insights, security teams can simply create a report to share with leadership to see what safeguards should be put in place.

Audit and reporting Compliance reports The simplified auditing and reporting features in Guardium Insights can help enterprises benefit from a reduction in audit prep time. The reporting process can reduce the amount of manual effort and time a compliance team needs to expend to address data compliance requirements.
The prebuilt templates give us a better posture for observing compliance. Maria Coulter Full Stack Engineer NexusTek Read the full review
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