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Guardium Insights offers SaaS-based monthly pricing as well as on-premise licensing.
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Guardium Insights SaaS pricing for data security and compliance

With Guardium Insights SaaS Essential, Standard, and Advanced Edition, you can immediately start collecting, analyzing, and reporting on your data activity. Guardium Insights SaaS pricing is based on the number of cloud data stores monitored, and the volume of storage required.

Guardium Insights SaaS is offered in three different versions based on your needs and offers in-version upgrades to accommodate your growing requirements.


IBM Security Guardium Insights Essentials Edition

Get pre-built integrations to the most common cloud-based data stores and a guided compliance journey to meet your CCPA regulations needs with pre-built reporting and audit trails.

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IBM Security Guardium Insights Standard Edition

Get all the features of the Essentials edition, plus the option to add a compliance journey for regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA and PCI. With this edition, you can monitor data activity across multiple cloud stores and customize reporting to meet your data security needs.

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IBM Security Guardium Insights Premium Edition

Get all the features of the Standard edition, plus capabilities to monitor and prioritize data threats across your multi-cloud environment from one central location. It seamlessly integrates with Guardium Data Protection to provide you with automated compliance workflows and pre-defined integrations with other security tools.

Guardium Insights DSPM pricing

The Guardium Insights DSPM entitlement allows you uncover hidden data, analyze data flows and identify data security vulnerabilities. You can select the cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) and SaaS applications (SharePoint, OneDrive, Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Confluence) that you would like monitored.

Get a 360 degree view of all your sensitive data in cloud by discovering shadow data, analyzing  flow of data and uncovering posture vulnerabilities. 

Data stores secured with DSPM

Discover shadow data in your AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud environment. Uncover vulnerabilities in data and compliance controls and posture.

SaaS application users protected with DSPM

Discover sensitive data being shared in Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 - OneDrive, SharePoint, Confluence, or Jira SaaS applications. Analyze potential and actual flow of data.

Guardium Insights software pricing

Your Guardium Insights entitlements include all the software you need to power your hybrid cloud data security hub. You don’t need to bring your own Red Hat® OpenShift® license.


Guardium Insights is priced using two metrics, managed virtual servers (MVS) and virtual processor cores (VPC). An MVS is a computer (physical or virtual) that is comprised of processing units, memory and input/output capabilities, and that executes requested procedures, commands or applications for one or more users or client devices. A VPC is a processor core in an unpartitioned physical server, or a virtual core assigned to a virtual server.

When buying Guardium Insights, clients can pick a single metric or combine them to gain full support for on premises and in cloud environments.

Tip: If you have any cloud data sources that do not have a compute-based metric, use the MVS metric. For example, Guardium offers data activity monitoring on AWS S3. As there is no VPC associated with the S3 service, use the MVS metric. So, 1 AWS S3 bucket (instance) = 1 MVS.

Protect servers with Guardium Insights software

If you have IaaS on-premises database servers, use the MVS metric. Only count the servers that are actively providing services. Don't count HADR nodes or passive standbys.

Protect processor cores with Guardium Insights software

Use the VPC metric if you have a DBaaS subscription calculated by VPC. Count all VPC sources that you have subscribed to across all the DBaaS sources. VPC is most frequently used for cloud-native and containerized data environments.

IBM Security® Guardium® Insights on AWS

Visit the AWS Marketplace to learn more about using Guardium Insights on AWS.

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Guardium Insights SaaS free 3-day sandbox environment

Explore Guardium Insights with our free 3-day sandbox environment, risk-free and with no commitment. Test out the data protection and compliance features in real-world scenarios. Familiarize yourself with the user interface and customization options. Try it today to secure your organization's future.

IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS Standard sandbox

IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS Premium sandbox

Guardium Insights SaaS free 30-day trial

Protect your data in today's digital age with IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS. Get a 30-day free trial to bring your own data, customize the environment to your liking, and test its effectiveness. Sign up now and gain confidence in your monitored data.

IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS Standard trial

IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS Premium trial

Guardium Insights SaaS DSPM free 30-day trial

Discover shadow data, analyze data flow, and uncover vulnerabilities across your cloud and SaaS applications. Get a 30-day free trail to connect your data sources to gain a 360 degree view of your sensitive data in the cloud. 

IBM Security Guardium Insights SaaS DSPM trial

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Free Standard Edition sandbox Data security and protection with IBM Security Guardium Insights

Looking to get central visibility into how critical data is being accessed and used across hybrid environments? Take a look at how Guardium Insight SaaS can safeguard data and enhance IT flexibility in today’s multicloud world.

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Data compliance with IBM Security Guardium Insights

Looking for help to meet the complex Data Compliance requirements? Take a look at the easy-to-use workflows in Guardium Insights that help you meet compliance needs quickly.

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DSPM with IBM Security Guardium Insights

Looking to identify shadow data and its movement across applications? Read about the Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) capabilities in Guardium Insights.

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