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Uncover new trends in your healthcare data and respond to actual impacts of COVID-19 with Flexible Analytics. You’ll make the most of your enterprise data warehouse and IT investments with IBM’s solution that delivers AI-infused analytic insights your stakeholders need on your schedule.

Flexible Analytics is a free-standing analytic engine that can integrate with your existing warehouse and business intelligence tools. This allows you to access the methods you need across a variety of on-premises and cloud technologies. The platform includes a variety of cost-effective, targeted methodologies to meet the needs of multiple markets and business lines such as Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Providers, Payers and more. Flexible Analytics delivers relevant insights that can help you address business challenges.

With Flexible Analytics from IBM Watson Health, you can finally make your data work for you, on your terms.

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VP of health plan informatics reading financial data and forecasting member trends

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Financial analysis

An array of cost and utilization methods that can help you evaluate current and future risk, benchmark performance and understand underlying drivers that can impact profitability.

Care management

Help stratify populations, understand their needs, put outreach action plans in place and evaluate the impact of care management programs on population health and the bottom line.

Provider performance insights

Models, groupers and data intelligence to help you compare the performance of network providers, drive behavioral change and close potential performance gaps.

Employer group and executive reporting

A package of tools to help you respond to the reporting needs of employers and internal executives to demonstrate the value of your services.

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Market-leading data protection

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IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM Cloud™ offerings.

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