Business automation FilesystemimportCM IBM FilesystemImportCM
Provides you with a solution to take any set of files and archive them as documents in IBM Content Manager
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Archive content at the speed of business

Companies need to manage large amounts of files on their file servers, and often some of these files are obsolete. IBM FilesystemImportCM helps to relieve this file server load by coordinating the archival of files into IBM DB2® Content Manager. This archival tool enables a quick and smooth file import process.

Displays archived documents

Archived documents are accessible through the stubs left in the filesystem.

Adapts to business process changes

Standard functionality with a flexible configuration helps business adapt to change business processes, while tailoring the solution to meet your business requirements.

Improves efficiency and productivity

IBM FilesystemImportCM increases departmental efficiency by relieving the file server load through a coordinated file archiving process.

Reduces operating costs

Automating the task of manual archiving allows resource costs to be reduced by utilizing staff for other critical business functions.

Features Relieve storage capacity

Documents will be saved from filesystem to IBM Content Manager, releasing additional storage capacity.

Secure data

Storing documents in IBM Content Manager is a secure way to store archived data.

Provide metadata extraction

Offers metadata extraction from file attributes, as well as the optional generation of stubs.

Modify GUI for configuration

To enable a simple configuration process, the graphical user interface can be modified to suit user needs.

Software requirements

Currently tested versions:

  • IBM Content Manager 8.3 and 8.4
  • IBM WebSphere┬«
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