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Simplify Apache Flink with low-code: Build and instantly test stream processing flows for anything that implements the Kafka Protocol.
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Define and detect business scenarios in real-time

Processing streams of events with Apache Flink can turn raw data into relevant, actionable insights. But finding the right people with the right skills is a challenge. What if you could empower more people without highly specialized skills to work with real-time events?

IBM® Event Automation touts a scalable, low-code event stream processing platform that helps you automate and act on data in real-time. It also enables you to filter, aggregate, transform and join streams of events with assistance and validation at each step. Likewise, it lowers the skills barrier and empowers both business and IT users to define business scenarios and detect when they arise and respond in real-time. Event processing works with any Kafka implementation, and also any other kind of event broker that implements the Kafka Protocol.


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Benefits Translate raw data to relevant events

Connect the dots between disparate events and respond to new trends, threats and opportunities in real-time. IBM Event Automation gives you the ability to put events into context and get the insights you need before it’s too late.

Empower users across the board

Process events for real-time intelligence without the technical bottleneck. IBM Event Automation empowers users from all teams to make event processing easy with a drag and drop, low-code interface for Apache Flink.

Experiment and iterate quickly

Drive confidence in scaling event-driven initiatives through the platform's experiment and practice functionalities. IBM Event Automation helps to quickly test new ideas, expand into new use cases and accelerate your time to value.

How event processing works
Use low-code authoring canvas The visual editor allows you to easily process your events by applying a sequence of operations to your sources. This helps you to quickly and efficiently define the scenarios you need to detect and respond to. Tutorials and in-context assistance allow any team member to easily get up to speed and start contributing.

Apply processing operations with assistance The system allows you to combine and join events from multiple event sources and filter to remove irrelevant events from your stream. Likewise, it allows you to aggregate events to summarize values over different windows of time and transform events to perform calculations that use fields within the event to derive new information.

Test your flow and see results instantly IBM Event Automation allows users to back test against historical events. If something does not look right, you can quickly iterate on it, make edits and re-run the flow. After that, you can immediately inspect the results to assess if they meet your goals.

Automate and act (slack notifications, automation software, etc.) Event automation enables the use of event flows that you’ve built to trigger automations, feed business dashboards and send notifications to systems or relevant stakeholders across the organization. Automation tools, like IBM App Connect, can use event triggers from IBM Event Automation to make decisions based on specified business rules.
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