Accelerate and improve energy management and sustainability initiatives

The decarbonization software platform from Envizi is designed to support organizations on their sustainability and decarbonization journey. This suite of products facilitates the ongoing monitoring, analysis, management and reporting of energy and emissions across large and complex organizations.

Automated data capture from utility bills, interval meters and renewable assets combined with other data sources, including weather and facility information, gives you the granular insights you need to make informed decisions about resource allocation, usage and more. Key features across the decarbonization suite of products include:

  • Visualization and reporting tools
  • Integrated regression tools
  • Alerting and issue management tools
  • Automated data capture and validation


Automate data capture

Eliminate the administrative effort of monitoring multiple platforms with automated utility data capture.

Minimize energy costs

Reduce energy costs with energy consumption alerts that might otherwise go unnoticed for long periods.

Deliver on KPIs

Measure and track energy usage performance over time against pre-determined benchmarks or KPIs.

Monitor usage patterns

Increase visibility of energy and water usage patterns, from monthly aggregates at the portfolio level, right down to interval data for sub-meters within individual facilities.

Track ESG initiatives

Track ESG and sustainability initiatives, compare projects across your portfolio and record waste and water programs, social initiatives and more.

Inform decisions

Make smarter decisions about energy efficiency programs by prioritizing activities and investments based on analysis of benchmarking and savings potential.

Decarbonization software

Analyze energy and water consumption with billing and metering data to inform and accelerate your energy efficiency programs.


Scope 3 emissions reporting

Learn how to address Scope 3 calculations and reporting in a systematic way and minimize reporting complexity.

Electrification for building decarbonization

Learn what ‘electrification’ or ‘fuel switching’ is and how this solution can help with building decarbonization.

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