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What eFilm Workstation can do for you

eFilm Workstation®, part of IBM Watson Health™, is a stand-alone workstation solution to view, distribute and manage studies. You get a full diagnostic quality workstation with dedicated CD/DVD burning, DICOM printing and an image review station that is scalable to any organization.

eFilm Workstation can supplement your current PACS workflow or serve as a main workstation. An FDA Class II registered device, it has many tools including image management and distribution with DICOM Query/Retrieve, CD/DVD burning and auto-routing of studies. It is a primary diagnostic viewer with hanging protocols, key images, SUVs for PET/CT, MIP, MPR and more.

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Stores and distributes DICOM studies

eFilm provides the capability to allow routing of studies based upon flexible rules that are managed within eFilm.

Supports all imaging modalities

eFilm workstation is a complete imaging and diagnostic workstation.

Acts as a hub

It allows you to centralize the auto-routing of studies to other eFilm installations or PACS.

Offers image compression

eFilm workstation lets you get around bandwidth constraints by simply compressing and then sending files.

Supports Gray Scale Presentation State

GSPS images will be displayed using industry-standard GSPS instead of the former proprietary format.

Six good reasons to use eFilm Workstation

  • Ensure quality care
  • Easily manipulate images
  • Achieve greater user security
  • Manipulate images in a variety of ways
  • Integrate CD and DVD creation
  • Gain a variety of user-friendly features

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