Key features of IBM Dependency Based Build

Support for bring your own SCM

Integrate with external tools

DBB allows mainframe asset integration into your SCM of choice.

Integration with z/OS Automated Unit Testing Framework (ZUnit)

ZUnit test build dependencies

With IBM z/OS Dynamic Test Runner for ZUnit, DBB provides the ability to run ZUnit tests as part of a CI/CD pipeline by providing a ZUnit test configuration dependency scanner, which will automatically create dependency relationships between the z/OS source program, the test program, and the read data file, and allows you to automatically trigger the unit tests that validate your change.

Dependency Resolution and Impact Analysis

How to manage build dependencies

Build dependency resolution and impact analysis are at the heart of the IBM Dependency Based Build solution. DBB allows COBOL copybooks, PL/I files and assembler macros referenced in the SCM repository to be located and automatically copied into the datasets before compiling the program. In addition, the ability to identify programs that need to be rebuilt due to a modified build dependency source file is also supported.

Continuous Integration tool agnostic

API reference

All DBB functionalities are exposed as REST API which allows to integrate DBB in any pipeline such as Jenkins, Azure or GitLab CI.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.