IBM Gitlab Ultimate for IBM z/OS
Drive enterprise-wide DevOps standardization across multiple platforms
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Manage multiple tools for DevOps

GitLab Ultimate for IBM® z/OS® is a solution for enterprise-wide DevOps automation, including apps that run on IBM z/OS. It brings together the powerful GitLab platform and IBM Dependency Based Build, which offers an intelligent build system for traditional z/OS apps. This solution helps manage diverse toolchains and streamline software delivery workflows.

Benefits Reduce toolchain complexity

Use one solution that addresses multiple platforms.

Simplify peer review

Streamline committal and approval of changes.

Improve productivity

Collaborate across the DevOps lifecycle.

Speed time to market

Reduce the learning curve for new developers.

Deliver quality software

Automate delivery and simplify tracking and monitoring.

Employ flexible licensing

Save costs with subscription pricing.

Features Enable rapid iteration

Manage code and data with agile version control.

Streamline collaboration

Employ easy peer review for approval of changes.

Enable continuous integration

Optimize builds and resolve updates easily.

Organize and track project work

Use powerful portfolio planning and management tools.

Visualize DevOps workstreams

Identify inefficiencies and optimize workstreams.

Integrate with IBM Z® DevOps tools

Analyze, build and maintain z/OS applications.

Resources GitLab Ultimate for IBM z/OS Brief

Learn how to automate and accelerate enterprise software delivery with GitLab Ultimate for IBM z/OS. (1.6 MB)

Learn about the management of mainframe apps lifecycles with IBM Z DevOps and GitLab.

Learn how to integrate some of the IBM Z DevOps products into GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

Integration with GitLab and IBM Z

Listen as GitLab and IBM experts discuss GitLab and its Continuous Integration Runner.

Hear GitLab and IBM experts discuss the benefits of integrating GitLab into your DevOps solution.

Learn how you can integrate IBM Wazi Analyze into GitLab CI/CD pipelines.

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