IBM Database Administration
Help manage the complexity, growth and change of Db2 for z/OS objects and schema throughout the application lifecycle
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Database Administration

The IBM® Db2® Administration tools help you manage the complexity, growth and change of your IBM Db2® for z/OS® objects and schema throughout the application lifecycle. Easily browse and edit both Db2 for z/OS data and data that is stored in the IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS® to facilitate database administration tasks. Use top-tier navigation to explore the Db2 objects across the enterprise and implement simple changes or multi-person, complex version changes with confidence. 

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Benefits Simplifies database management

Provides easy-to-use features that can guide users at any level of expertise. 

Maximizes system availability

Centralizes database management and client configurations. Tracks change management actions.

Optimizes analytics

Provides an easy-to-use, familiar approach for managing IBM Z® analytics infrastructure.

Product offerings IBM Db2® Administration Solution Pack for z/OS®

Simplifies tools acquisition by combining Db2 Change Management Solution Pack for z/OS and Db2 Cloning Tool for z/OS. 

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IBM Db2® Change Management Solution Pack for z/OS®

Packages the most used tools, including IBM Db2® Object Comparison Tool for z/OS® and IBM Db2® Table Editor for z/OS®. It also includes the IBM Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS, which can be purchased separately.

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IBM Db2® Cloning Tool for z/OS®

Simplifies and automates Db2 for z/OS system and table space cloning operations to facilitate migration testing.


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IBM Db2® Administration Tool for z/OS®

Performs basic database administration tasks that include catalog navigation, DDL generation, ad hoc utility generation and ad hoc changes to Db2 objects. It can be purchased separately or as part of a solution pack.  

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IBM Db2® Administration Foundation for z/OS®

Uses a complementary graphical user interface to help simplify Db2 for z/OS management and eliminate time and knowledge that is required for navigating multiple interactive system productivity facility (ISPF) based products.

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Capabilities Readily manage Db2 for z/OS database changes in increasingly complex environments. Simplifies database change management

Helps database administrators keep Db2 environments performing at optimal levels.

Synchronizes Db2 objects

Compares and synchronizes different Db2 objects while maintaining system availability and object integrity.

Edits Db2 table data

Helps enable users to browse and edit data in Db2 tables and the choice of an ISPF or a graphical user interface.

Uses modern technology to move data

Replaces traditional load and unload data movement operations and helps improve data availability during change management actions.

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Solution brief

IBM® Db2® Administration Foundation for z/OS® IBM Z.

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