IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities
Best-practice reporting and analytic data models for your energy and utilities organization
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Analysis and reporting blueprint to improve your business

IBM Data Model for Energy and Utilities is a blueprint that provides data warehouse design models, business terminology and analytics to help you quickly develop business applications. The extensible and scalable software is designed to fit the unique requirements of your industry. It provides business insights and metrics to help your organization transform, innovate, and manage costs.

Benefits Integrated data across the enterprise

Connect your data across assets, meters, customers and measurements to enable cross-functional analytics and insights that can drive more informed decisions.

Enhanced stakeholder approval

Improve collaboration between IT and business to increase stakeholder approval and enable IT to build what your business needs.

Business agility

Get flexibility to evolve over time with the changing requirements of the industry. Open standards make it easier to build out additional features and accommodate extensions.

Information management infrastructure

Collect enterprise-wide key performance indicators that help you address compliance, reporting and analysis requirements.

Key features
Analytics and reporting

Get metrics, analytics and reporting in areas such as asset financial planning, customer management, credit collections, customer load, distributed generation, outage and reliability, weather and storm, worker turnover, supply chain, and call center performance.

Insights Foundation for Energy alignment

The solution aligns with IBM Insights Foundation for Energy, which is a data management, visualization and analytics solution that includes preintegrated analytic technologies. IBM Insights Foundation for Energy can deliver operational improvements to help you reduce asset failures, improve asset utilization, optimize network availability, decrease loss of service and reduce costs.

Integration with other solutions

Integrated offerings include tooling such as IBM InfoSphere® Data Architect, hardware and software solutions such as IBM PureData® System for Analytics, and software that simplifies implementation and maintenance. Recent updates also include improved integration with The Weather Company® and IBM Maximo®, as well as broadening of model content to support the gas industry.

Reporting templates

These prebuilt reporting templates offer a deep view of your business through key performance indicators and other measures.

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