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Immutable object storage is an IBM Cloud® Object Storage feature that preserves records and maintains data integrity in a write-once-read-many (WORM), non-erasable and non-rewritable manner to protect against deletion or modification until the end of retention periods and the removal of any legal holds.

What you get
Protection Create and enforce retention policies

Preserve data for a specific retention period using IBM Cloud Object Storage UI or API. Define and enforce a retention policy with default, minimum or maximum retention period settings.

Customization Use object-level retention

Enforce retention at an object level using default retention periods or custom bucket levels. Apply legal holds to single or multiple objects. You can apply up to 100 legal holds to a single object.

Feature details Bucket-level retention controls

Set a retention policy on a bucket and specify a retention period. A bucket with a retention policy can only be deleted when empty.

Variable user retention

Implement user-defined retention periods. Identity and access management (IAM) policies let you grant users control of the service instance,  buckets and more.

Object-level retention options

Let an object written to a bucket that has a retention policy inherit the default retention period or assign it a user-defined retention period.

Legal hold protection

Prevent individual objects within a bucket from being deleted or overwritten by applying a retention policy with one or more legal holds.

Object and bucket settings

Use API extensions to set and view retention periods at both the bucket and object levels.

Enhanced user interface

Gain the ability to efficiently set and manage retention periods with an easy-to-operate user interface.

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