What IBM Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm can do for a business

IBM® Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm creates a new archive tier for backing up inactive mainframe data currently managed by DFSMShsm. The additional, lower-impact management tier consumes less CPU resources to improve DFSMShsm efficiency and adds cloud storage to virtual and physical tape media options. IBM Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm preserves DFSMS policies to properly back up data and manage retention. When applications or users recall data stored in a cloud, it is returned to DFSMShsm control and made available. IBM Advanced Archive for DFSMShsm supports IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM SoftLayer® and Amazon S3 cloud environments.


Lowers costs

Reduce size and processing cost for HSM Control Data Sets and exploit the economics and flexibility of cloud storage.

Improves CPU efficiency

Move metadata from inactive data to lower-impact processes that improve batch window and application elapsed time.

Delivers cloud flexibility

Exploit private, public or hybrid cloud environments. Move data previously stored on ML2 tape under DFSMShsm control to a cloud environment.

Recalls data direct to HSM

Enable applications and users to recall archived data. Archived data is returned to DFSMShsm control.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM® z/OS® V1.13 or later

Hardware requirements

Any machine capable of running IBM z/OS V1.13 or later