CORAL Summit supercomputer: likely the world’s most powerful technology

IBM is currently installing new CORAL supercomputers at Department of Energy locations. These systems are being hailed the world’s largest platform for deep learning workloads.

Fueled with breakthrough P9 technology, the Summit system is a proven AI pioneer. It is expected to deliver in excess of 200 Peta flops of performance, likely making it the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Summit is scheduled for operational use early 2018.

The Summit supercomputer: the next leap in leadership-class computing

Today’s performance

Boasts 5x computational performance of ORNL’s current supercomputer using just one quarter of the nodes.

Forecasted performance

Expected to deliver 200+ petaflops of HPC performance and 3 exaflops of AI-as-a-service; most likely the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

Next-gen technology

Uses next generation technology, including NVLINK® —, PCIe gen 4, and CPU:GPU coherence.

CORAL is a first-of-its-kind DOE collaboration effort that will culminate in three ultra-high performance supercomputers – and the path to exascale computing.

The clever machinations of the Sierra Supercomputer are what sets it apart – the hybrid machine that marries IBM’s POWER9 processor with Nvidia’s “Volta” Tesla accelerators.

The enormity of what it takes to get Oakridge Leadership Computing Facility’s 200 petaflops Summit supercomputer up and running is huge.

IBM Research has invented the jet engine of deep learning on IBM Power clusters with a “Distributed Deep Learning” (DDL) library for open source frameworks.

The revolutionary shift from archaic x86 computing to POWER9 is loaded with advanced accelerators like GPUs and FPGAs for driving AI and modern workloads.

The data-centric approach to HPC innovation with OpenPOWER led to IBM being awarded two contracts to build the next generation of supercomputers.

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