Getting started with this product

How can I find out the right version for me?

How is IBM® Operational Decision Manager for Developers delivered?

IBM Operational Decision Manager is delivered as a Docker image on Docker Hub. Combined with an Eclipse plugin for Rule Designer, which is the development environment, it's available on IBM Cloud® Private.

Can I start using the product on premises, a private cloud, a public cloud or another combination?

Yes. It can be installed either on premises or on eligible public clouds. It's also optimized for development in some containerized environments. You can use Operational Decision Manager Server in any combination of these deployments.

Which version is suitable for situation detection?

Situation detection is available as part of the IBM Operational Decision Manager Server on-premises edition through the Decision Server Insight component.


Is Operational Decision Manager available on the cloud? What are the purchasing options?

Yes. You can get IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud as a monthly subscription, managed by IBM. With this option, you can develop, test and put rules into production. It’s available on IBM Cloud infrastructure and is compatible with Operational Decision Manager Server components and on-premises products.


How do I get more information about IBM Operational Decision Manager?

Visit our decision management community to discuss best practices and get answers about decisions and business rules.

Other common questions

What is IBM Operational Decision Manager Server?

IBM Operational Decision Manager Server is part of IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. It delivers decision automation to help you capture, automate and manage frequently occurring, repeatable business decisions and detect business situations in real time.

What’s not included in IBM Operational Decision Manager Server Express? Can I migrate to the full edition?

Operational Decision Manager Server excludes real-time situation detection and has limited deployment capacity. You can start projects with Operational Decision Manager Server Express and upgrade to the full-featured Operational Decision Manager Server when necessary.

What is IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers?

It’s a free edition for development and evaluation purposes. It is supported with communities and forums.

What is IBM Decision Composer?

Decision Composer is a free, streamlined edition of IBM Operational Decision Manager. It offers a user-friendly modeling environment where you can author, validate and run business rules. You'll find many examples, tutorials and videos, allowing you to learn decision automation in minutes.