Configuration and management in one solution

IBM® IMS™ System Management for z/OS® is a set of six IMS tools that enables system programmers to analyze, modify and deploy IMS resources and parameters; enhance manageability of TCP/IP access through IMS Connect; and exploit the benefits of customizing Extended Terminal Option (ETO). It provides queues management and helps ensure that IMS batch jobs or IMS Batch Message Processing (BMP) are restarted correctly. It also helps IMS system programmers, operations personnel, DBAs, and help desk personnel administer an IMS Sysplex environment by centralizing sysplex information through a single interface.

Change resources and parameters fast

Analyze, modify and deploy IMS resources and parameters quickly with high availability. Offers a simple way to create IMS system parameters and use dynamic resource definition (DRD) functions.

Improve availability, performance

Enhance the manageability of TCP/IP access to IMS through IMS Connect. Accelerate problem determination to make your systems more transparent and easier to audit and manage.

Restart right. Prevent corruption.

Correctly restart abended IMS batch jobs or Batch Message Processing regions to help prevent database corruption by improper checkpoint ID or restart log data set name error.

Boost productivity

Achieve dynamic, customized ETO and resource efficiency. Allow new devices access to IMS, and eliminate the need for IMS system generation (sysgens) and outages.

Improve IMS message queues management

Manipulate and manage local and live IMS message queues. Allow IMS Queue Control Facility functions to run on multiple central electronics complexes (CECs) within a sysplex.

Manage multiple IMS systems

Manage data sharing, shared message queues and IMSplex components using a central interface for managing multiple IMS systems and related components.

Tools included with IMS System Management for z/OS

  • IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS
  • IMS Connect Extensions
  • IMS ETO Support
  • IMS Program Restart Facility
  • The IBM IMS Queue Control Facility
  • IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS

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