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IBM Global Financing

We have a better way to help you manage your cash flow. IBM Global Financing provides financial service excellence, to accelerate value from technology and help you achieve the next best thing. The benefits of IBM Global Financing can help increase your project’s Net Present Value (NPV) 1-5 percent, according to analysis by FinListics Solutions.¹

We offer financing for IBM solutions


Get competitive interest rates that optimize cash flow, so you can quickly turn your big data challenges into insight and opportunity.


We support the full lifecycle of your investment in cloud — from funding to IT buyback and disposal — so you can innovate with speed and efficiency.


IBM Global Financing speeds your acquisition of an integrated security portfolio to detect and prevent advanced threats.


Cut through any potential budget constraints with custom payment plans, so you can focus on getting the most out of your new cognitive computing capabilities.

IT infrastructure

React with agility, extend operations and empower employees. With customized leases and loans we can help you acquire the infrastructure you need to realize your business strategy.


Put your clients at the center of everything you do. We help you acquire IT solutions so you can reinvent your business through mobile innovation.


Take control of your organization’s performance with business and technology services. With customized loans we can help you align services expenditures to project benefits to efficiently drive your business strategy.

Watson Customer Engagement

Discover how flexible financing options can help you put customers at the center of your business affordably.

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¹ "Financial & Strategic Benefits of IBM Global Financing Flexible IT Financing Options", Dr. Stephen Timme, FinListics Solutions, October 2018

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