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What IBM TPF Operations Server can do for your business

IBM® TPF Operations Server is a console automation and enhancement application for the administration and maintenance of IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF). It runs outside the z/TPF complex and allows you to monitor multiple IBM z/TPF systems from a single workstation, automate operational tasks and diagnose problems quickly and accurately.


Improve z/TPF system availability

Decrease the likelihood of operator error and reduce the number of unplanned outages.

Attain hardware and software redundancy

Improve your operational console availability and automate operational processes.

Choose your type of management

Select from centralized, distributed or remote operations management.

Automate operational processes

Become more efficient when you automate tasks such as initialize, configure, recover and stop.

Correlate events with other systems

Integrate with IBM Tivoli® Enterprise Console.

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