Step 1 — See IBM Operational Decision Manager in action

Prevent and detect fraud using decision management

Watch how automating decisions can help banks detect and prevent fraud in near real-time and give customers a more personalized experience.

Step 2 (for business users) — Watch the demo

For business users: How to automate decisions in an online loan application scenario

See how you can quickly create and update decisions, and then run a simulation before deployment to test decision behavior.

Step 2 (for developers) — Watch the demo

For developers: Get started with IBM Operational Decision Manager

See how to quickly download and install IBM Operational Decision Manager for Developers. Manage and update a decision service with business rules, then invoke that service to automate decisions.

Step 3 — Engage with a guided demo

Guided product demo: Explore authoring and changing business rule decisions

In this guided demo (5 – 10 minutes), you’ll walk through a series of tasks, using IBM Operational Decision Manager to create, simulate and deploy a business rule to update a loan approval decision.


Guided product demo: Explore authoring and changing business rule decisions

Step 4 — Take the tutorial

Picture showing the tutorial

Build a decision service

In this 60-minute, hands-on tutorial, you’ll build a decision service for an online loan application. Learn how to manage decisions separate from business applications, author and test business rules, and simulate the impact of decision updates.

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