Archive data to IBM Cloud

Enterprises are replacing traditional archives with IBM Cloud® Object Storage to reduce cost and complexity, while keeping data available. With IBM Cloud Object Storage tiering capabilities, file gateway partners and a broad ecosystem of integrated partner solutions, it’s easier than ever to move and archive data in IBM Cloud Object Storage. You can realize cost savings directly related to reducing IT infrastructure and operational costs, and make data that was once out of reach accessible to your organization.

Common use cases

Deep archive for cold data

Store cold data, reducing the cost of expensive network-attached storage (NAS), and take advantage of the global data access and scale available through cloud storage. You can use a deep archive to store information that may not be needed again but cannot be deleted.

Flexible archive options

Optimize your archive cost by storing non read/write intensive data with two different restore options - Archive and Accelerated Archive - to keep 100% of your data available and accessible from anywhere, using a RESTful API.

Tape replacement

On-premises or offsite tape libraries can reduce storage costs but require large upfront investments and specialized maintenance. Archive has no upfront cost and virtually eliminates the cost and burden of maintenance.

Regulatory archiving

Use data archiving on object storage to help manage regulatory requirements for data compliance. Adhere to various compliance mandates and store data for an extended duration.

Media asset preservation

Preserving a large amount of rich media content (such as images or videos) on traditional storage can get expensive quickly. Use IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive for content that you need to preserve, but do not need to access frequently.

Large data set preservation

Data archiving on object storage can be ideal for workloads that generate large amounts of data (such as genome data, IoT data or pharmaceutical trial data) that needs to be preserved for future use.

How customers use it

Customer success: Herman IT

Herman IT developed a modern data backup and archive service based on IBM Cloud Object Storage, enabling enterprises to take control of fast-growing data requirements and achieve a competitive advantage.

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Data archive capabilities

Data transition using archive policies

Archive works with IBM Cloud Object Storage classes — Smart Tier, Standard, Vault and Cold Vault — enabling you to apply age-based policies to transition objects to lower-cost archive storage to reduce costs even further. Once archived, you can restore a temporary copy of the objects for access when needed.

Lowest-cost tier

Data storage offered for as low as USD 0.00099 per GB per month, and restore at USD 0.02 per GB. This enables you to support global business requirements for long-term data retention of large amounts of data, at a very low cost.

Simple API

You can use the simple API — with support for S3 API constructs — for transition lifecycle and restore. You can also write your own applications using IBM Cloud Object Storage SDKs.

Durable storage

Ideal for long-term data retention, IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed for data durability of 99.999999999 percent. Data integrity mechanisms are built in to constantly check object state and apply self-repair capabilities — all done automatically with no customer intervention.


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