On October 8, 2020, IBM announced its intention to separate the Managed Infrastructure Services (MIS) business of its Global Technology Services (GTS) segment into a new public company, Kyndryl, creating two industry-leading companies with strategic flexibility and focus to drive client and shareholder value.

To confirm that Kyndryl is operating smoothly in advance of the final separation of the MIS business, Kyndryl will initially commence operations as a subsidiary company within IBM. To facilitate a smooth transition for our clients worldwide, the Transfer Date to Kyndryl, an IBM wholly owned subsidiary, is September 1, 2021 for all countries.

On November 3, 2021, Kyndryl will spin off from IBM as a separate publicly traded company and Kyndryl shares will be distributed to IBM stockholders. Additionally, billing, invoicing, and accounts receivable processes were migrated to Kyndryl on September 1, 2021. This “Client Guide to Operational Changes” is designed to help clients prepare for the changes to billing and payment processes that occurred in conjunction with the September 1, 2021 Transfer Date and is updated with additional information as it becomes available for each country.

If, upon review of this information, you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your Client Partner Executive or account support team. If you are not familiar with your Client Partner Executive or account support team, please email OPSHELP@ibm.com. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellent service, our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for our clients.  We look forward to our continued relationship as we further our transition and integration activities together, and very much appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

Upcoming Changes to Billing and Invoicing

Electronic Invoicing Platforms
If your company is currently receiving IBM invoices via an electronic invoicing platform, IBM’s B2B AR team will be working to help you configure your system to receive Kyndryl invoices via the same platform. If you have not been contacted and require assistance, please have your company’s IT and Procurement contact send a request for assistance at:

B2B.Americas@es.ibm.com (clients in the Americas)
B2B.Europe.Middle.East.Africa@es.ibm.com (clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa)
B2B.APAC.and.JAPAN@es.ibm.com (clients in Asia Pacific and Japan)

Kyndryl Customer Numbers
All customers will be assigned a Kyndryl Customer Number. Your Customer Number will be printed on the first invoice or quote you receive through the new Kyndryl billing processes and will be referenced on all order-related communications.

Vendor Name, Remit-To Address, and Bank Information
The vendor name, remit-to address, and bank information for checks, wire transfers and overnight payments will change with your first Kyndryl-issued invoice.

Important: For invoices issued by IBM or an IBM partner prior to September 1, 2021, please continue to follow the remit-to directions included with the invoice to ensure correct application of payment, unless otherwise instructed.

Vendor Standard Payment Terms
Payment to Kyndryl is due upon receipt, unless otherwise noted in the IBM contract transferred to Kyndryl.

In some countries, the currencies used by IBM may be different than those used by Kyndryl, therefore you may be transacting in a different currency with Kyndryl.

Kyndryl invoices will be in the language of the Kyndryl entity servicing your location. In some countries, this may result in your invoices from Kyndryl being in a different language than your invoices from IBM.

Invoice Timing
In most cases, your invoices from Kyndryl will be delivered at the same frequency and schedule as your invoices from IBM.

Services Descriptions
IBM services names and descriptions will be replaced with Kyndryl services names and descriptions. These new names and descriptions will begin to appear on your invoices and quotes from Kyndryl.

Kyndryl Billing Entity Information

For invoices issued by IBM prior the Transfer Date in your country, please continue to use the former remit-to instructions as they appear on your IBM invoice. Please click here (PDF, 232 KB) to view the transfer date, billing entity, and tax information by country. To receive sensitive country-specific banking account information required for set up, please contact your Client Partner Executive or OPSHELP@ibm.com. For offshore countries, please click here (PDF, 36.3 KB) to view the Kyndryl subsidiaries commencing on September 1, 2021.

For US clients, please click here (PDF, 1.7 MB) to view the W-9 form. For Canada clients, please click here (PDF, 340 KB) to view the W-8 form.

Purchase Order Guidance

IBM appreciates your good faith efforts to establish, in a timely fashion, Purchase Orders directed to the new Kyndryl entity. We are ready to assist you in this effort by promptly providing the information you reasonably request. As Kyndryl will initially commence operations as a subsidiary company within IBM, until Kyndryl Purchase Orders are issued, Kyndryl will be permitted to utilize the existing IBM Purchase Orders pertaining to the scope of services assigned to Kyndryl. Your company should remain committed to pay for the services rendered by both Kyndryl and IBM (where applicable) for the scope covered by the existing Purchase Orders.

If you have questions regarding purchase orders, please contact your Client Partner Executive or account support team.

IBM and Kyndryl Data Protection

At Kyndryl we will continue IBM’s legacy of dedication and commitment to ensuring the security and protection of our clients’ personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. This section aims to provide our clients with the main information on privacy applicable under our client contracts.

Depending on the country in which a client is located, clients might already have received or will shortly receive a letter from IBM containing information applicable to their specific contracts, including on privacy, and relevant next steps. The following covers what is important to know regarding privacy arising from the transition of contracts from IBM to Kyndryl and complements what you might have already received.

On September 1, 2021, Infrastructure Services contracts with IBM were transferred to Kyndryl, who will continue to perform the data protection obligations currently set out in the contract(s) between you and IBM, as data processor. In addition, Kyndryl affiliates, that start operating, will take IBM affiliates’ place as sub-processors, where IBM affiliates have been the sub-processors of personal data. IBM may also continue to process personal data as a sub-processor where required for the provision of a specific service under the overall contract.  For contracts which remain with IBM but where any services are sub-contracted by IBM to a Kyndryl company, that Kyndryl company may act as a sub-processor.

To the extent you are receiving Infrastructure Services from an IBM entity acting as a sub processor and located in one of countries listed here (PDF, 113 KB), the associated Kyndryl legal entity listed is appointed to continue the processing activities of such services as a sub-processor, under your contract with effect from September 1, 2021. Please note that this list may not be complete. We will update the list with additional Kyndryl entities during the completion of the spin off, which is ongoing, as new Kyndryl entities start their operations.

Kyndryl affiliates, located in countries which are regarded as non-adequate countries by the European Union for the purposes of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), shall be considered as Data Importers under the EU Standard Contractual Clause attached to the applicable data processing agreement listed through the link below. IBM will also transfer to Kyndryl the Business Contact Information IBM has collected in connection with providing services to you in accordance with the IBM Privacy Statement in this link, https://www.ibm.com/privacy.

Kyndryl and IBM are working hard to make this transition as smooth and effortless as possible for our clients. For more information please reach out to OPSHELP@ibm.com.