Dear IBM Investor:

Today your company is positioned to lead as we enter the era of hybrid cloud and AI.

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Arvind Krishna

Hybrid cloud and AI are IBM’s clear path to growth


At the beginning of 2020, only 25 percent of mission-critical workloads had moved to the cloud. As companies sought to equip their employees to work remotely during the pandemic, many sped up the pace of their technological changes.

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Jim Whitehurst

We are optimally positioned for growth with our hybrid cloud, AI and services offerings.”

The platform of choice for collaborative innovation


Few companies have the trust, talent and ingenuity to help clients solve their greatest challenges the way that IBM can.

Bob Lord

By investing in our partners and working together, we will drive success for our clients, for our partners and for IBM.”

IBM’s culture fosters growth and innovation

The events of 2020 tested, and confirmed, IBM’s pioneering commitment to reinventing the world of work.