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In the future, money will move differently

Four IBM scientists look ahead at AI, blockchain, lattice cryptography and quantum for finance

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Better journeys, smoother landings with IBM Cloud

Meet Michael Mombourquette, aka ‘Mombo’

Mombo runs our Cloud Innovation Labs across North America. He says that, like his Harley, cloud isn’t only about speed.

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Case study: Mayo Clinic

Case study: Mayo Clinic

Watson helps drive higher enrollment in breast cancer trials

Clinical trials are key to advancing cancer research and finding new treatments, but matching patients with trials is a daunting challenge. In 2014, Mayo Clinic teamed up with IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching to support trials in its oncology practice.

Over the next 18 months, enrollment in Mayo’s systemic therapy clinical trials for breast cancer increased by 84 percent. In addition, the time needed to screen each patient fell, enabling Mayo to screen more patients for trial participation.