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IBM Policy Lab
The IBM Policy Lab is a new forum providing policymakers with a vision and actionable recommendations to harness the benefits of innovation while ensuring trust in a world being reshaped by data. As businesses and governments break new ground and deploy technologies that are positively transforming our world, we work collaboratively on public policies to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
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Policy Positions
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Policy Lab Launches
Policy Lab Launches in Davos

We launched the IBM Policy Lab at the World Economic Forum in Davos with a panel event called "Walking the Tech Tightrope: How to Balance Trust with Innovation." Watch the video for more information on why the Policy Lab was built.

About the Policy Lab

Led by co-directors Ryan Hagemann and Jean-Marc Leclerc—two long-standing experts in tech and public policy—IBM Policy Lab convenes leading thinkers in public policy, academia, and technology to develop the concrete, common-sense policy ideas leveraging technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our world. Our approach is grounded in the belief that tech can continue to disrupt and improve civil society while protecting individual privacy.

We collaborate with global thinkers, stakeholders and leaders to collect input and share perspective from the diverse voices that must inform public policy. We produce data-driven studies and research to policy making with specific, common-sense recommendations, and help industry leaders make critical decisions on policies impacting our future.