There is no tolerance for downtime

In a 2019 study commissioned by IBM, Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of 100 IT directors in large US enterprises to understand the reality of downtime at their organization. On average, respondents estimated that planned downtime cost their organization USD 1.5 million in the last quarter, and USD 5.6 million in the last year.¹  

“Because planned downtime is costly, some enterprises try to avoid it for needed bug fixes and security updates… [this] results in a greater risk of unplanned downtime, creating a downtime cycle.”²

– Forrester, 2019

What is IBM Z Instant Recovery?

IBM® Z® systems are the industry’s most dependable infrastructure. Even so, planned or unplanned downtime can occur.

IBM Z Instant Recovery is an offering which uses system recovery technologies, available exclusively on the new IBM z15™ system. It minimizes the duration and impact of downtime and accelerates the recovery of your mission-critical applications. Now, you can achieve service level excellence with no increase in MSU consumption or IBM software licensing costs.

How our system recovery technologies work

Now you can meet your most stringent service level agreements after outages by unleashing additional processing capacity during a temporary performance increase known as the boost period.

By enabling general-purpose processors to run at full-capacity speed, and by allowing general-purpose workloads to run on zIIP processors, the boost period accelerates the entire recovery process in the partition(s) being boosted.

50 percent

Return to your pre-shutdown SLAs in up to 50 percent less time.

2 times

Process your transactional backlog by up to 2 times faster.

2.5 times

Process your batch backlog by up to 2.5 times faster.

Get it on IBM z15

IBM z15 brings agility to resiliency

Mission-critical applications need a resilient platform designed for maximum availability. With lightning-fast system recovery capabilities, the new IBM z15 can help you meet these needs in stride.

Hear from customers

IBM’s Z is in a class of its own: 83% of respondents said their firms achieved five and six nines – 99.999% and 99.9999% – or greater uptime

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“The Real Costs Of Planned And Unplanned Downtime,” Forrester Consulting, August 2019 is a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A Custom Study Commissioned by IBM