Why IBM Z technologies

IBM® hardware and software technologies are continuously evolving to help enterprises transform and deliver better security, faster insights and reliable hybrid cloud, private cloud, and multicloud infrastructures.

What we offer

Technologies for security

Pervasive encryption

Cyber threats put your data and reputation at risk. Pervasive encryption on z14® protects you.

IBM® Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS®

Pair with IBM RACF to boost authentication, define policies and apply them to specific IDs.

IBM Secure Service Container

These appliances are integrated to inherit mainframe security, reliability and performance. They fully encrypt data and enable limits to administrator access.

Technologies for cloud availability


This multi- or single-site application technology automates infrastructure management and disaster recovery.

Parallel Sysplex

This clustering technology helps modify systems to maintain continuous application availability.

Virtual Flash Memory

Next-gen storage memory helps improve availability and performance during workload transitions.

Workload management

Dynamic workload management delivers system responsiveness while running multiple workloads.


Enterprise-class virtualization technology enables more virtual servers in a single footprint than any other platform.

Technologies for analytics

IBM DB2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS

This combined hardware and software solution can reduce response times for DB2 for z/OS database queries by an order of magnitude.

IBM zAware

An analytics application identifies unusual system and application behavior in near real time. Comes with IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems®.

IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems

Ease problem identification, isolation and resolution through analysis of structured and unstructured operational data.

More enterprise computing technologies

Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD)

Perform the same operation on multiple data points at once and deliver predictable capacity for workloads.

Shared Memory Communications

Improve co-processor and internal communications, lower cost and CPU consumption and reduce latency.

Specialty engines

Use the mainframe for new workloads such as Linux on Z and reduce cost of ownership.

zEDC Compression Acceleration

This co-processor compression technology works with the zEDC Express Accelerator to allow data to be kept active while compressed. 

zHyperLink Express

This direct connect short distance link lowers latency between z14 and FICON storage and improves response time without application changes.

Hear from customers

The star that steals the show... is the pervasive encryption. That's the silver bullet that will revolutionize the industry.

Tom Connolly, Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon

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