What are enterprise computing technologies?

The term enterprise computing describes the shift from single solutions to integrated platforms. For growth, complex organizations rely on enterprise IT to deliver high performing services such as analytics, secure data management, operational excellence and enterprise DevOps. Today, the world’s most complex enterprises, from top retailers to airlines, depend on z Systems for enterprise computing.

Backed by a reputation in enterprise computing

Better is secure

Awarded the highest levels of security certification in the industry, Z mainframes excel at pervasive encryption, user identification and authorization, and compliance – so you can avoid risk.

Better lowers costs

Reduce the cost of managing hundreds of servers with industry-leading cloud and IT optimization. With IBM Z mainframes, you can virtualize your data center with up to 100% utilization – and greatly reduce your IT costs.

Better is green

With a highly energy efficient design, IBM Z delivers a scalable service from a single system. Combined with unmatched virtualization and workload, Z can lower energy consumption and facilities requirements by up to 80%.

Featured technologies

Automate infrastructure management and disaster recovery

Gain continuous availability and modify systems while applications run

Benefit from innovations for performance, availability and efficiency

Capabilities for your toughest challenges

Trusted security

Scalable, secure cloud

Innovating with agility

Non-stop enterprises

Real-time insight

Lightning fast processing

See what enterprise technologies can do for your transformation

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