Why IBM Z technologies

IBM Z software and hardware technologies are continuously evolving to help enterprises transform. The new IBM® z16™ delivers breakthrough technologies for AI and cyber-resilient security. Accelerate decision velocity, modernize for hybrid cloud and protect against threats across your business.

What we offer


Quantum-safe crypto discovery

Gain cyber-resilient security as you modernize with the crypto discovery capability in IBM® Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI).

More for security

Protect your business data against cyber threats – now and in the future – with IBM Z.


Flexible capacity

Avoid service disruptions proactively by managing capacity across locations and transferring workloads on demand with IBM® Flexible Capacity for Cyber Resiliency.

Instant recovery

See how you can minimize downtime and speed up the return to your pre-shutdown SLAs by up to 2X.


This multi- or single-site system recovery offering uses replication and clustering technologies to automate disaster recovery.

Parallel Sysplex

This clustering technology helps systems maintain continuous application availability.

More for resiliency

Achieve up to seven nines availability, recover systems without data loss, and defeat ransomware.

Hybrid cloud

Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud® Paks

Develop and deploy cloud native applications faster and more effectively on IBM Z.

IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack

Leverage the best combination of the mainframe and the innovation of the cloud.

More for hybrid cloud

Avoid risks and migration challenges with the platform designed for privacy, security and resiliency across your hybrid cloud.

More technologies for IBM Z

AI and analytics

Use AI and machine learning to convert data from every transaction into real-time insights with IBM Z.


The Integrated Accelerator for zEDC, available with IBM z15™ and IBM® LinuxONE III, reduces the cost of storing, transporting and processing data.


Enable two SMC capable peers to communicate by using memory buffers that each peer allocates for the partner's use.

IBM z/OS specialty engine

Cost-effectively move to hybrid cloud, accelerate digital transformation and implement new workloads on IBM Z.

Linux specialty engine

Run Linux workloads on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE with an attractively priced, dedicated processor.

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