Three guiding principles for IT solutions

Not all platforms, or IT solutions, are equal. IBM Z enables government organizations to digitally transform by offering the world’s best security, the highest availability, real-time insights, DevOps acceleration and innovations such as AI and blockchain.

1. Build trust

Few events destroy citizen trust as quickly and permanently as a data breach. Encrypting this data is the solution: of the nine billion data records lost or stolen since 2013, only four percent were encrypted. (1) But selectively encrypting data is time- and resource-intensive – and it leaves large portions of data unsecured.

Pervasive encryption on IBM Z encrypts 100% of application, cloud service and database data without impacting operations. Agencies gain protection from internal and external threats while simplifying compliance with mandates like GDPR and regulations.

2. Leverage data

Governments are tasked with rapidly identifying emerging patterns of fraud, waste and abuse to minimize losses and reduce costs.

IBM Z empowers you to analyze data in place without service-level agreement impact – eliminating as much as $10 million in extract, transform and load costs. (2) Agencies can apply machine learning to valuable data on the mainframe to create, deploy and manage high-quality self-learning behavioral models in place and in real time.

3. Empower 

To keep services evolving at the pace of innovation and industry change, government agencies must think like startups while acting like mature enterprises.

The IBM Z connected platform features a DevOps framework that helps to empower innovation and agility within your organization. In fact, IBM Z accelerates application development time by 25%, while supporting 30 billion transactions a day with 99.999% availability.

Transparency meets security with blockchain on the Z platform. Blockchain can do for transactions what the internet has done for information. It can revolutionize the relationships between businesses and transform ecosystems as industries converge. IBM Z can serve as the foundation for this transformation.

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