Three challenges facing government

Today, government agencies face a complex set of challenges. They must keep data safe, meet rising citizen expectations and control costs – all in an ever-shifting regulatory environment. 

1. Security

Governments need to protect confidential data, sensitive information and critical systems from security threats.

  • Governments must adhere to stringent security standards
  • Cyber-threat levels and the costs of breaches are increasing
  • Cloud adoption adds to data protection challenges

$3.62 million

The Ponemon Institute reports that the average cost of a data breach was $3.62 million per event in 2017.

2. Personalization

Governments possess a wealth of data, data they can use to create outstanding citizen experiences. To use this data, however, your agency must contend with strict privacy regulations and a variety of data sources.

  • Citizens expect unified, personalized, “always on” service
  • Growing and aging populations increase demand for services
  • Both volumes and complexity of data are rising

3. Modernization

Most IT government budgets are spent running less modern systems that may be less flexible or efficient than newer options.

  • Agencies often need to develop modernization plans to receive government funding and must shift spend from maintenance to innovation
  • IT teams are tasked to speed DevOps and may be asked to provide services to other entities within the government

$80 billion

GAO reports that 75% of the $80B spent on IT went to maintaining outdated systems. (1)

Your IT platform can be the solution

The right infrastructure can simplify compliance, provide the world’s best security, lower costs and meet rising demands for innovation.

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