Is your IT infrastructure resilient?

Business resiliency is the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to internal or external dynamic changes: opportunities, demands, disruptions or threats, and continue operations with limited impact to the business. Resiliency is important to keep all of your workloads running smoothly all the time.

IBM Z offers a high level of resiliency you can count on, to take you into the cognitive era.

Rely on IBM Z for resiliency

24/7 reliability

With global competition and to support customers in multiple time zones, businesses require 24x7 availability for their I/T services as a precondition of staying viable. IBM Z keeps your entire system operating at its best without interruption, for the ultimate in service consistency.

Optimal operations

For your operations to run at their optimum, network, server, application, and data layers are not only available, but also generating required accounting statistics, meeting regulatory requirements to avoid any potential data or process fluxuations. Check your systems today to see if they are running at optimum.


IBM delivers integrated, intuitive security solutions that extend through all of IBM Z capabilities to pre-strike any threats and provide multiple levels of security from infrastructure to front end, creating strong, effective security around your most vulnerable workloads.

Workload management

IBM Z resiliency also means effective virtualization with potential to lower costs by 47% over 5 years in distributed environments. Resilient technology allows for more servers per core than on any other system and quick scalability during spikes in demand, as well as economical deployment of a wide range of workloads.

What we offer

The world’s more secure, available and resilient servers

Exceptional disaster recovery and availability solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery services

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