Secure and fast server network connectivity

IBM Z mainframes provide server networking with true processing power. Innovation in hardware and TCP/IP networking, such as on the new IBM z15™, reinforce the value of IBM Z to deliver:

  • Agility to easily share across partitions.
  • Security to improve trusted connectivity.
  • Resiliency to deliver continuous availability.
  • Scalability to maintain high performance.

What we offer

Communications networks

Internal LAN connectivity

Eliminate physical cabling with multiple options to communicate between virtual servers on a single IBM mainframe. Learn about the internal LAN connectivity capabilities.

External LAN connectivity

Gain strong, fast connections across a physical LAN for both IP-based and non-IP-based workloads. See how these adapters can be combined to provide high-speed TCP/IP communications.

Console controller

Discover the cost and resource savings of secure, integrated console controller functionality. Utilize System Operator/Master consoles and standard tn3270e consoles for z/OS®, z/VM® and z/VSE®.

Storage networks


Apply resilient, high-performance channels for critical workloads. FICON provides connection to Count-Key-Data (CKD) and Extended Count Key Data (ECKD) devices over Fibre Channel links.

FCP channels

Consolidate UNIX server farms by attaching to industry-standard SCSI storage controllers and devices with high-performance, virtualized connections for z/VM, z/VSE, and Linux on Z workloads.


Help accelerate z/OS DB2 database transactions and leverage short distance, point-to-point PCI-e links with this low-latency connectivity to FICON storage systems.

Coupling connectivity

Internal coupling

Gain high-speed, efficient communication between a CF partition and one or more z/OS logical partitions that are running on the same CPC.

Short distance coupling

Connect Coupling Facilities within 150 meters of distance, using standard PCI-e interfaces for high-speed differential communication.

Long distance coupling

Drive distances up to 10km with unrepeated RoCE technology, unrepeated and up to 100km thanks to IBM Z qualified Dense Wavelength Multiplexers (DWDM).



I/O connectivity handbook

See the connectivity options available for use in IBM Z servers.

DWDM qualification

View the IBM Z Qualified WDM products for Multi-site Sysplex and GDPS® solutions.

zHyperLink overview

Get an introduction to  zHyperLink for the DS8880.

FICON 101 webinar

Learn the basics of FICON in this Fibre Channel Industry Association webcast.

FICON qualification

View the switches and directors qualified for IBM Z FICON and FCP channels.

FICON performance

Read the whitepaper outlining performance of FICON Express16S+ on z14.