Unleash the potential of blockchain

Blockchain can help you redefine your most important business relationships through trust, transparency and collaboration.

Support the promise of blockchain with the right IT infrastructure. Learn how a secure, reliable and scalable blockchain is supported by the IBM Z® platform.

Benefits of blockchain in IBM Z

Protect digital asset transactions

Protect data at rest or in flight and run 19 billion encrypted transactions a day.

Gain high performance at scale

Exploit 190 cores and 40 TB memory, and achieve up to 99.99999%* availability.

Benefit from open-source collaboration

Accelerate real-time exchanges, even in regulated environments.

Hear from blockchain experts

zED talk

Get an expert walk through blockchain technology and unpack the benefits of blockchain on IBM Z.

Expert podcast

In this Futurum tech podcast, Rebecca Gott, IBM Distinguished Engineer, takes a deep dive into blockchain.

Expert webinar

Learn how digital asset custody and Hyper Protect keep keys secure yet accessible in a blockchain.

Hear from an IBM Z customer

“When you have a secure platform that’s shared amongst financial institutions you don’t have to worry  about that handoff”

– Tom Connolly, Managing Director, BNY Mellon

Get started

IBM Blockchain Platform is the leading Hyperledger Fabric platform to build, operate, govern and grow blockchain across computing environments through Red Hat® OpenShift®.

Whether you want to join an existing network, build your own solution, or co-create with our experts, IBM Blockchain will meet you there – and help take you where you want to go.

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*99.99999% disclaimer: Internal data based on measurements and projections was used in calculating the expected value. The z15 servers must be configured in a parallel sysplex using z/OS 2.3 or above; GDPS management of data and middleware recovery across Metro distance systems and storage, including GDPS Metro Multi-site Workload and GDPS Continuous Availability; and DS888X with IBM HyperSwap. Necessary resiliency technology must be enabled, such as System Managed CF Structure Duplexing, Sysplex failure management and Capacity Provisioning Manager. Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.