Unleash the potential of blockchain

Blockchain enables open, global commerce. Is your IT platform ready? How and where is the data stored within a blockchain network? Will transactions be fast enough and scale as the workloads increase? The right platform for is essential for fast, secure blockchain transactions.

Why blockchain on Z?


Get 8.5x more effective security than x86. (1)


Deploy new apps nearly 3x faster than x86. (2)


Let blockchain scale as your workloads scale.

Get started with the IBM Blockchain Platform

IBM Blockchain Platform is now available to deploy on multi-cloud, including on-prem using IBM Cloud Private on Z.

By running IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud Private on IBM Z, businesses can hold data locally to meet regulations and corporate preferences, while achieving the same advanced security, scalability and performance they would get in the IBM Cloud.

When you have a secure platform that’s shared amongst financial institutions you don’t have to worry about that handoff, that transfer, because it’s secure from inception.

 Tom Connolly, Managing Director, BNY Mellon

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