Why Z for blockchain?

IBM Z already runs the next generation of transactional applications.

You can capitalize on your investment in the IBM Z platform as you innovate on blockchain.

Take advantage of the cryptography, security and reliability of Z for hosting your blockchain — while seamlessly integrating with the transactional data and systems already on the mainframe.

Imagine the future of financial transactions with blockchain on Z

Blockchain enables open commerce on a global basis. See how IBM blockchain technology works and what's possible with blockchain on the IBM mainframe.


“Blockchain has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of
getting things done — across industries, government agencies,
and social institutions.”

— Jerry Cuomo, IBM Vice President for Blockchain Technologies

Built for speed

Your Z platform’s tremendous memory networking capabilities can accelerate the interaction between your blockchain and your existing business data in CICS, IMS, TPF, DB2, VSAM or other Z processes.

Built for security

Superior security performance with z14 whether generating digital signatures or hashing encryption for the blockchain. Z uses hardware accelerators enabling pervasive encryption not found on x86 platforms common to most public clouds.

Built for scale

Having your blockchain in a mainframe can greatly accelerate interactions with existing business data in CICS, IMS, TPF, DB2, VSAM databases. With the capability to support 8000 virtual machines with up to 32TB of memory and 170 dedicated processor cores, Z can run the toughest workloads — quickly and securely.

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