Data-aware IT that speeds innovation

You know that managing the performance and capacity of storage across your enterprise is tough. Costs skyrocket for every minute data can't be accessed. IBM® Storage Insights monitors your storage so you can resolve issues fast.


Flexible configuration

Simply deploy a lightweight data collector in your data center to start streaming performance, capacity and configuration metadata over a secure channel.

Unified view

The operations dashboard provides a full view of your storage inventory and metadata while a diagnostic feed tells you which storage systems require attention.

Easy resolution

To proactively help resolve problems and provide recommendations, IBM Support has read-only access to diagnostic information about your monitored storage systems.

New to IBM Storage?

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View storage trends

Understand performance, capacity and problem trends faster by viewing historical data.

Stay informed

See storage trends through a single dashboard and adjust accordingly to move data faster and more efficiently.

Make support easy

Easily upload logs to IBM Support and get help right when you need it.