What is IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server?

IBM InfoSphere Information Server is a leading data integration platform that helps you more easily understand, cleanse, monitor and transform data. The offerings provide massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities that are scalable and flexible.

Deliver trusted information to critical business initiatives located on premises or in private, public or hybrid cloud environments using hyperconverged systems like IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.


Integrate data across multiple systems

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Get fast, flexible data integration that's deployable on premises or in the cloud with this extract, transform, load (ETL) platform.

Understand and govern your information

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Use a standardized approach to discover your IT assets and define a common business language for your data.

Improve business alignment and productivity

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Get a better understanding of current data assets while improving integration with related products.

Assess, analyze and monitor data quality

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Improve insights from your enterprise data with integrated rules analysis on a scalable heterogeneous data platform.

Explore InfoSphere Information Server offerings

Enterprise edition

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InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

End-to-end information-integration capabilities help you understand, govern, create, maintain, transform and deliver quality data.

Data integration

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InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration

Understand, cleanse, transform, monitor and deliver trustworthy and context-rich information.

Data quality

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InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality

Turn data into trusted information by continuously cleansing it and monitoring its quality.

Server on cloud

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InfoSphere Information Server on Cloud

Provide a fully customizable, comprehensive data integration and governance platform, powered by the IBM Cloud® infrastructure.

Additional products

InfoSphere Information Server - Data Warehouse

Get highly scalable, security-rich information integration capabilities for your data warehouse.

IBM DataStage®

This highly scalable data-integration tool helps you design, develop and run jobs that move and transform data on premises and in the cloud.

IBM BigIntegrate

Use this flexible, scalable platform to extract, transform and integrate Hadoop big data storage clusters.

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