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The IBM information on this site is specific to your contract DIR-TSO-3996.


Cooperative Purchasing Program:
Texas has a cooperative purchasing program for technology products and services operated via contracts by the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) on behalf of the State of Texas. Out-of-state public entities are welcome to purchase using our DIR-TSO-3996 Contract. Texas relies on the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Section 791.025 to document these transactions.

Before purchasing any technology, the entity must check to ensure they have signed an Interlocal Cooperation Contract (ICC) with Texas. The link below can be used to access the Texas web page for ICC authorized entities. (Link resides outside

If the entity or state has not signed an ICC, the instructions to join the ICC can be found on that link.

Note: Entities must appear on the Texas page as authorized for ICC before any sale may be made.

Visit the DIR website (Link resides outside for further information on the Cooperative Contracts Overview or for additional IBM contract details (Link resides outside

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Products & Pricing

Servers, Storage & Systems Software

This contract includes the IBM Server, Storage, and Mainframe product portfolio and their complimentary components such as racks, power supplies, and operating system software.

   DIR-TSO-3996 Power Systems and Storage (XLSX, 3 MB)

   DIR-TSO-3996 System z hardware (XLSX, 232 KB)

   DIR-TSO-3996 Third Party Products (21 KB)

Product and Services specifications

   Power Systems and Services

   IBM Z and Services

   Storage Options and Services

   Warranty Information

Software & SaaS

Software price files for Government customers

Prices reflect list price and this contract’s discounts per unit of one (1). Please check with IBM or an approved IBM Business Partner to learn more about discounts for volume or establishing standard configurations.

   Passport Advantage SaaS price reference (XLSX, 890 KB)

   Passport Advantage and Express price reference (XLSX, 806 KB)

   Passport Advantage Tokens price reference (XLSX, 1 MB)

For Software assistance your IBM contact is:

State agencies & Local Government and Education

Amy Thomas Gerling


IBM’s Global Business Services (GBS), Global Technology Services (GTS), and Lab Services are available via DIR-TSO-3996.

GBS experts can help your agency fundamentally redesign experiences to create new sources of value, digitally reinvent your operations for great efficiency and transform your entire enterprise through cognitive capabilities.  While GTS can provide subject matter experts and installation services that enable our customers to optimize their IT environments and get the most of their IT investment.   Lab services provide deep product expertise to help our clients deploy or optimize our advanced solutions.

Services are available on a “per hour” basis in accordance with the included rate card or as a fixed price developed in conjunction with the an agency to reflect the detailed scope and deliverables.

Entire solutions can be designed and deployed including IBM and non-IBM infrastructure elements, depending your needs. IBM can provide hardware and software for these solutions to customers to provide a complete solution.

Third party products are available via this contract when part of an IBM Global Business Services or Global Technology Services engagement

   Services – GBS & GTS (44 KB)

   DIR-TSO-3996 IBM Hourly Services (173 KB)

   DIR-TSO-3996 Third Party Product Offerings (47 KB)

Watson Health & Watson Education

Watson, IBM’s innovative Cognitive Computing foundation, can understand all forms of data, interact naturally with people, and learn and reason, at scale. IBM currently has over 70 offerings based on Watson, and we are growing those offerings regularly. Those offerings include specialized solutions for Education, Government, Healthcare, Call Center and Citizen Engagement, and more.


IBM Cloud Offerings available through DIR-TSO-3996 fall under the categories of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and X as a Service (XaaS) which may include a mixture of Infrastructure, Platform and or Software.

IBM’s Cloud portfolio is designed to meet the different requirements that government and education clients have, enabling choice with consistency of key components so that skills and technologies can be used across public, private, and local cloud environments.

Enhanced Secure Support (ESS)

DIR-TSO-3996 includes the ability to purchase IBM Enhanced Secure Support (ESS) for State of Texas agencies that have a requirement that the data they provide IBM for use in Support interactions (problem determination) remain exclusively within the continental United States. If your agency does not have this requirement, you may choose service offerings from the other available tabs.

General Assumptions:
IBM provides Services for only those Products for which the Client has obtained the appropriate licenses and subscription and support or maintenance under the applicable Service Agreements.

These Services only pertain to how diagnostic data uploaded by Client is accessed by IBM, all other existing terms and conditions remain unchanged.

Business Partners, third party vendors, and the current IBM Enhanced Secure Support exceptions (Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-site services) are excluded from the Services.

How to obtain an ESS Quote?
Reach out to your IBM Team, specifically your IBM Maintenance and Support Services Representative.  If you do not have an IBM Maintenance and Support Services Representative, contact your IBM DIR-TSO-3996 Contract Manager for assistance:

Eric Rice

Maintenance & Support

DIR-TSO-3996 includes the ability to purchase IBM Enhanced Secure Support  (ESS) for State of Texas agencies that have a requirement that their data relating to Services and Support remain exclusively within the continental United States.  If your agency has this requirement, please review additional offerings under the 'Enhanced Secure Support (ESS) tab.  This offering will sit on top of regular Support and Services offerings listed below.

This contract includes Maintenance and related Subscription & Support services.

Contract Details

Contract terms and conditions

The IBM State of Texas contract and related services consist of contract number DIR-TSO-3996 and DIR-TSO-3996 Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions.  Remarketer Business Partner services are specifically excluded.  Additional contract detail can be found on the State of Texas DIR procurement site (this link resides outside of

Always review the product and services listed for this state before ordering. Always place this state’s contract number, DIR-TSO-3996, on the Purchase Order in order to invoke the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Resources for How Public Sector Clients outside of Texas (this link resides outside of can purchase via IBM’s DIR-TSO-3996 contract can be found at the Texas DIR site.

Contract Information

IBM & Partner Contacts

Questions, Quotes & Orders from IBM

For questions about this contract, please contact:

Karen Schneider

For quotes or orders from IBM, please contact your local IBM Client Representative or:

Eric Rice

For Quotes & Orders:

When buying direct from IBM, the Purchase Order is made out to IBM Corporation who will fulfill and invoice the Purchasing Entity.  The Purchase Order must include the contract number in order to be considered invoking the terms and conditions of the contract. 

The PO may be emailed to or mailed to: IBM Corporation Contracts Team, 6303 Barfield Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Payments should be remitted to the address which will appear on your IBM invoice or to: IBM Corporation, PO Box 676673, Dallas, TX 75267-6673.

Quotes & Orders from IBM Authorized Business Partners

Under IBM's State Contract Reseller program, the Purchase Order is made out to the authorized Business Partner who will fulfill and invoice the Purchasing Entity. Payments for the order are made directly to the Business Partner. The Purchase Order must include the contract number in order to be considered invoking the terms and conditions of this contract. The Business Partner will transfer Risk of Loss and Title to the IBM products to the customer in accordance with the contract terms. The Business Partners are only permitted to fulfill with the IBM or IBM branded products and services permitted by this contract. Third party products and any Business Partner services are specifically excluded.

Only the Business Partners listed below have completed IBM’s criteria to participate in the IBM State Contract Reseller program and are eligible to resell using this contract.