At IBM, we apply expertise, research, and technology to address and solve the environmental challenges of our clients and the world. We offer innovative products, services and solutions that enable our clients to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impacts associated with their operations. A sampling of the solutions related to energy and climate is provided below.

Cognitive building solutions

IBM TRIRIGA® is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that can increase the operational, financial and environmental performance of your facilities and real estate. For more information, see the IBM TRIRIGA website.

IBM Building Analytics solution - mines and aggregates data from multiple sources across an enterprise, enabling operators to capitalize on new insights to manage operational, energy and space efficiencies within and across facilities while reducing cost and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Cloud-based analytics software helps identify anomalies and likely solutions, and issues prioritized work orders to assess and correct the problem. The solution enables maintenance teams to avoid time-consuming manual diagnostics, improve equipment longevity, optimize building energy consumption and minimize cost. IBM collaborated with a major university on the implementation of the IBM Building Analytics solution. The solution is delivered on the IBM Bluemix Infrastructure cloud and monitors thousands of data points from building automation and control systems from several manufacturers. The university is progressing towards their stated goal of achieving 20 percent energy savings at the campus.

Energy and Utilities solutions

IBM continues to develop its portfolio of Energy and Utilities solutions. These solutions can integrate inventory, data collection, analytics and system management functionality into a holistic package that enables the monitoring and management of energy distribution grids and generation facilities. The objective is to improve system efficiency and reliability, reduce generating capacity requirements and integrate intermittent, distributed generation systems such as those involving wind and solar generated power.

Many of today's distribution systems have little or no intelligence to balance loads or monitor energy flows, resulting in losses equivalent to the annual electricity use of India, Germany and Canada combined. Making the U.S. grid alone five percent more efficient would be roughly equivalent to permanently eliminating the annual fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with 53 million cars.

Weather Solutions for Energy and Utilities - The Weather Company®, an IBM Business, provides weather-driven business solutions that enable enterprises to make better decisions using the most accurate and precise weather data available. Learn more about how we help enterprises across a vast array of industries, including Energy and Utilities, by visiting the The Weather Company Industry Solutions website.

Travel and transportation solutions

IBM solutions for Traffic enables companies and governments to anticipate, control and react to demand and supply volatility within the distribution or transportation network and track and manage fuel use within their fleets. For more information, see the Travel and Transportation website.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for cities

The IBM Intelligent Operations Center offers improved efficiency for city operations including those that use energy and water and the IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management can help cities adapt to and manage changes in climate and storm impacts due to a range of influences including climate change.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center integrates systems providing visibility into overall city, and underlying agency status, and helping optimize operational efficiency. Integrated data visualization, real-time collaboration, and deep analytics help city agencies prepare for problems, plan for growth, and coordinate and manage response efforts. For more information, see the IBM Intelligent Operations Center website.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management is an incident and emergency management software solution for daily command and control operations as well as crisis situations. It integrates, correlates and analyzes operational information to create a dynamic, geospatial, common operating picture and analytic-based insights to help speed decision making for normal and off-normal incident management. For more information, see the IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management website.