What is IT resiliency?

On premises or in the cloud, your IT resiliency is your ability to adapt to planned or unplanned events while keeping services and operations running continuously.

When you have IT resilience, it means that:

  • Data loss is rare
  • Applications can operate, even during an outage
  • Hardware, middleware and workloads are available
  • Service disruptions are mitigated
  • Services are restored quickly.

Is your IT infrastructure resilient?

When mother nature strikes, the local electric grid fails, or human error/malice disrupts operations, your business is at risk for revenue loss, fines and reputational risk. Consider:

  • What is the probability of an outage?
  • What is the business impact per hour?
  • How much risk are you willing to accept?
  • How much should you invest in redundancy and automation? 

Why IBM Z for resiliency?

IBM’s Z is in a class of its own: 83% of respondents said their firms achieved five and six nines – 99.999% and 99.9999% – or greater uptime.

Continuous availability

Whether you are running a private, public or hybrid cloud, IBM Z offers superb qualities of service on- and off-prem. Customers reported only 8.8 seconds of annual downtime due to server/component flaws. That’s 99.9999% uptime. (1)

IBM Z remains available – even during earthquakes  – and uses automation to speed reaction time and minimize human-error. New computing models like AI, machine learning and containers enhance availability.

Comprehensive disaster recovery

Recovery on IBM Z enables organizations to re-establish critical services in an alternate site. The recovery time objective (RTO) is measured in hours and the recovery point objective (RPO) can be achieved in minutes after the disaster is declared. IBM Z is designed to rapidly resume mission-critical functions.

The highest security

You need integrated, intuitive security solutions to prevent cyber threats and provide multiple levels of security from infrastructure to front end. IBM Z is designed to seamlessly encrypt 100% of application, cloud service and database data. And according to analysts, z14 encryption is 93% less expensive and 81% faster than on competing platforms – all while helping clients address compliance.(2)

Elastic, scalable clouds

Of ITIC survey respondents, 60% say increased workloads negatively impact reliability.(3) IBM Z can dynamically respond to workload increases while meeting service requirements. Businesses of any size can realize the benefits of shared-everything scalability, capacity on demand, and flexibility across internal, external, and microservices platforms.

Intelligent operations

Are your IT operations running at their optimum?  Not only should network, server, application and data layers be available, but they must also generate accounting data to meet regulatory requirements.

What we offer

Resilient servers

Build IT on the servers designed for the highest security, availability and resiliency.

Resilient technologies

Run continuously with fast, comprehensive disaster recovery.

Resilient OS

See what is possible with a more secure and reliable operating system.

Can IBM Z build your resiliency?

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