IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF)
Protect your mainframe resources with tools that manage and control access to valuable z/OS data
What is RACF?
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IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) for z/OS® enables the protection of your mainframe resources by making access control decisions through resource managers. Granting access to only authorized users keeps your data safe and secure.

Benefits Identifies and authenticates users

RACF authenticates users with either a password, password phrase, digital certificate, Kerberos ticket, or a PassTicket.

Authorizes access to protected resources

RACF retains information about your users, resources and access authorities in its database. This database determines access to protected mainframe system resources based on your security policy.

Logging and reporting

RACF has logging and reporting functions that identify users who attempt to access the resource, either successfully or unsuccessfully, allowing you to detect possible security exposures or threats.

How RACF protects your z/OS data
  • User identification and authentication
  • Decentralized security administration
  • Discretionary and mandatory access controls
  • Logging to the systems management facility (SMF)
  • Support for auditing and reviewing security environment
  • RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF)
Resources z/OS Security Server RACF library

Browse through the z/OS Security Server RACF abstract and PDF library.

RACF downloads

Find tools and sample code to help manage your RACF environment.

IBM Redbooks: Security and Policy-Based Networking

See how to use RACF to protect your network and communications.

Next steps

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