Zoomed in IBM Think logo.


Once a year, all of IBM unites for a one-week event that brings together clients, partners, IBMers and visionaries from around the world.

The experiences offered at Think are as diverse as they are numerous, including interactive exhibitions, Think tanks, research demos, live entertainment and beyond. By leveraging the IBM Design Language for everything from the layout of the expo floor to iconography and booth design, Think unifies thousands of individual sessions, creating a cohesive end-to-end experience that is distinctly IBM.

Think on a pink background.
People hanging around an exhibit.
Conceptual drawing of a conference space.
Another conceptual drawing of a conference space.
Person walking down a hallway with blue screens
Person walking down a hallway with blue screens from a differen point of view.
A collection of pictograms.
Concept art for Think Client Showcase
THINK logo written in sand with a blue backdrop.
A gentlemen speaking at THINK 2018
Photo of the conference space from Think 2018.