watsonx Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications

Accelerate your Java application lifecycle with generative AI and automation

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With IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant for Enterprise Java Applications, organizations can simplify and accelerate their Java application lifecycle, increasing developer productivity with automation and generative AI-powered code generation, code explanation and test generation capabilities.

Continuously enhancing, upgrading and modernizing Java applications is a critical aspect of any business’s digital transformation and hybrid cloud strategy. However, this has traditionally been a challenge, especially for existing applications that are monolithic, poorly documented and laden with technical debt.

By harnessing the power of generative AI (gen AI) and automation, organizations have an opportunity to significantly reduce costs, risk and time to value for development teams working with enterprise Java applications.

Powering a modern application estate with generative AI and automation

Benefits Enhance developer productivity

By automating repetitive tasks and providing actionable insights, watsonx Code Assistant boosts developer productivity, enabling teams to focus more on scaling Java applications and driving innovation.

Improve code quality and manageability

Automated testing and validation help to ensure the accuracy of code changes, minimizing the risk of disruptions to mission-critical applications.

Streamline application modernization

Whether upgrading Java code or modernizing enterprise Java applications to more lightweight, flexible and efficient runtimes, watsonx Code Assistant accelerates the application modernization lifecycle through automation and gen AI-powered assistance.

Understand Navigate and better understand complex code structures by using gen AI to summarize your application's key functions, services and dependencies.

Plan Receive a prescriptive plan describing the changes needed to upgrade, modernize or enhance your application, with a detailed assessment of complexity and required development effort.

Transform Use automation to quickly implement code and configuration changes. Transform code with gen AI assistance to resolve more complex issues. Use gen AI to automatically document your application and code changes.

Validate Import existing unit tests and use gen AI to create new tests that help maintain critical application functions.

Use cases Java development

Enhance and develop new Java applications with gen AI code recommendations, explanation and testing.

Java code upgrades

Identify changes required to upgrade Java code, automatically apply fixes and use gen AI to transform Java code.

Runtime modernization

Analyze your Java application runtime and modernize it to a more lightweight, flexible and efficient runtime.

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