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Try Db2 SaaS

IBM Cloud® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a fully managed cloud database built for modernizing existing applications in the cloud or building new cloud-native apps.

Try Db2 SaaS on IBM Cloud

A fully managed cloud SQL database powered by a turbo-charged IBM® Db2® engine. 

On IBM Cloud, Db2 SaaS includes a free trial for users to enjoy at no cost. You can upgrade to a paid tier with full functions for USD 99 per month, with no product limits, and redeem USD 200 in credits.

To get started, create an IBMid account or log in, select Lite tier and click create.

Lite tier (free) includes the following details:

• 200 MB of data storage.
• 5 simultaneous connections.
A shared multitenant environment.

Try Db2 SaaS for free
Demo video

Watch the IBM Db2 on cloud demo

Get Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Db2

Set up, operate and scale a fully managed Db2 database on AWS with just a few clicks. Enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing, including the option to bring your own license for existing Db2 customers.

Key features include:

• Push-button scaling. 
• Automated backups, snapshots and failover. 
• Native integrations with AWS services. 

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Get Amazon RDS for Db2
Try Db2 Warehouse SaaS

IBM® Db2® Warehouse is a fully managed elastic cloud data warehouse built for high-performance analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Try on IBM Cloud

Select the IBM Cloud option, choose the Flex One tier from the list of plans, then apply the promo code DB2W1K to receive USD 1,000 in free credits to use toward the service.

To get started, create an IBMid account or log in.

Tier details include:

• Single-partitioned instance.
• Scale storage up to 4 TB.
Scale compute up to 28 vCPU.

Try Db2 Warehouse SaaS for free
Try on AWS

Select the AWS option, choose the starting configuration, then apply the promo code DB2W1K to receive USD 1,000 of free credits to use toward the service.

Tier details include:

• Multi-partitioned (MPP) instance.
• Scale storage infinitely with Db2 tables on cloud object storage.
• Scale compute up to 5760 vCPUs.

Download Db2 Community Edition

Software version Db2 11.5.9
No fees. No credit card or adware. Download a single, full-featured version of the Db2 Community License that you can use for as long as you like.

Tier details include:

• 16 GB memory
• 4 cores

Download Db2
Db2 Early Access Program

Get an exclusive sneak peek into the future of data management with our Db2 Early Access Program. Join now to gain early access to cutting-edge features and build the future of Db2 with your valuable feedback.

Early Access Program
Db2 Passport Advantage

Existing customers can upgrade the Community Edition to Standard or Advanced Edition by obtaining an activation key via IBM Passport Advantage

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Download Db2

Db2 training and certifications 


Resources include various Db2 tutorials, training, certifications and badges to help beginners and advanced users in optimizing IBM Db2 and aggregating various data sets and data types effectively. You can learn about the latest Db2 technologies and gain valuable skills to advance your career.

Db2 tutorials and certifications

Checkout Db2 educational resources.

Trial FAQs

What trial editions are available in IBM Db2?

In IBM Db2, the current trial editions available are Db2 Community Edition (on-premises), Db2 Community Edition for Docker, Db2 SaaS on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse SaaS on Coud (Db2whc).

Are the Db2 trial editions free of charge?

Yes, Db2 trial editions are available to users at no cost.

Who can use Db2 trial editions?

Anyone who would like to learn or try Db2 for proof of concept (PoC) can use Db2 trial offerings.

Where do I download Db2 Community Edition?

Db2 Community Edition (previously referred to as Db2 Express-C Edition, Developer Community Edition) can be downloaded from IBM Db2 Download Center.

Where can I get information about Db2 Community Edition?

Refer to the document for details.

What are the supported operating systems for Db2 Community Edition?

Linux® (CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Ubuntu), Windows and AIX. For specific OS level details, refer to Db2 11.5 system requirements. Db2 Community Edition has the same requirements as Advanced and Standard editions.

Can I install Db2 Community Edition on Red Hat OpenShift?

Yes, Db2 Community Edition can be deployed on Red Hat® OpenShift®.

How long is the Db2 Community Edition license valid?

The Db2 Community Edition license is permanent. The db2dec.lic is automatically applied during Db2 product installation and there is no expiration. Refer to the document for details.

What is the difference between the two licenses db2dec.lic and db2trial.lic included with Db2 Community Edition?

The db2dec.lic is the default license for Db2 Community Edition, which has limitations of 4 virtual processor cores and 16 GB of instance memory. It is important to note that this license is not a trial. However, we also provide db2trial.lic, which has no limitations of core or memory, although it does have a 90-day time limit. After 90 days, users will receive a warning and should switch to the community license to continue using the product.

Can I upgrade Db2 Community Edition to a paid edition?

You can easily upgrade Db2 Community Edition to a paid edition with a simple activation key. Details can be found here

Are all features included in Db2 Community Edition?

Yes, Db2 Community Edition is a full-featured product that includes all the priced features available in specific editions. You can refer to the document for details.

What are the resource limitations for IBM Db2 Community Edition?

Db2 Community Edition is restricted to a maximum of 4 virtual processor cores and 16 GB of instance memory. These restrictions apply to each physical or virtual server unless they are deployed in an IBM® pureScale® or DPF cluster. In these instances, the restrictions apply to the entire cluster.

What are the minimum hardware or VM resources required to install Db2 Community Edition?

Refer to Db2 11.5 system requirements for details.

What version of Db2 Community Edition is currently available for download?

Visit this link to obtain the latest version of Db2 Community Edition.

How frequently are the Db2 Community Edition images refreshed?

Db2 Community Edition images are refreshed and updated for free at major release milestones.

Can I use Db2 Community Edition in my production environment?

No, Db2 Community Edition is a free product and is meant for non-production environments only.

Where can I find Db2 Community Edition installation instructions?

You can find installation instructions here ( link resides outside ibm.com).

Where can I find the Db2 documentation? Where do I download Db2 Community Edition for Docker?

You can install Db2 Community Edition directly on your Linux or Windows operating system. Additionally, IBM offers a Docker runtime solution for Linux, Windows and Apple Mac systems. You can download instructions here.

What operating systems are supported on Db2 Community Edition for Docker?

Windows, Mac and Linux distributions are supported in Db2 Community Edition for Docker. Refer to the document for details.

Where can I find the Db2 Community Docker Edition installation procedure?

Refer to the document for Db2 Community Docker Edition installation steps.

Can I upgrade Db2 Community Edition for Docker to a paid edition?

No, the Db2 Community Edition for Docker is intended to familiarize you with working with Db2 in a containerized environment. It is intended for non-production use only and is offered without support. Upgrading the Community Edition license is also not supported for this offering.

What free Db2 trial offerings are available on Cloud?

The two free trial offerings available are Db2 SaaS on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse SaaS on Cloud (Db2whc).

IBM Db2 on Cloud is a fully managed SaaS database solution easy to deploy and scalable on demand for your transactional (OLTP) workloads.
IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse built for high-performance analytics and AI. It is available on IBM Cloud and AWS.

Which plan is offered at no cost for Db2 on Cloud?

The IBM Db2 on Cloud Lite plan provides essential resources for you to develop or learn about Db2 at no cost. The Lite plan has no time limit, but users must renew their Lite plan every 30 days. Refer to the FAQs Lite Plan for more details.

Where do I download Db2 on Cloud?

Visit the Try IBM Db2 on Cloud for free page for download.

Where can I obtain Db2 on Cloud documentation? Where do I download Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?

Visit the Try IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud page for download.

What benefits do I receive during the free trial period for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud?

With our free trial, you’ll receive USD 1,000 to test drive a Db2 Warehouse on Cloud instance. You’ll be able to try out all our core capabilities, including elastic scaling of storage and computing, in-database machine learning and advanced workload management.

Where can I find the Db2 Warehouse on Cloud documentation? I am having problems installing the Db2 trial product. Who can help?

There is a robust online community where you can post questions and learn from peers. Community support is available through the IBM Db2 Community site or with peers on social media.

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