Updating a Trial license

If you downloaded the Db2® trial edition from the Db2 database software download site, and now want to update to a full license, you must update the product license certificate file.

Before you begin

You cannot use this method to update from one Db2 product to another.

If a previously licensed copy of a Db2 server product does not already exist, a single server fix pack image can be used to install any of the Db2 database server products. In this case, the license installed is a trial license.

If you installed the Db2 trial edition to try the Db2 functionality available in the Db2 add-on offerings, and now want to update to the full license for one or more Db2 offerings, you must add the license certificate file for the offering.


To update your trial license:

  1. Get the license certificate file for the Db2 product or Db2 offering. The license certificate file is available on the Activation CD from either:
  2. Register the license certificate file using the db2licm command. For example,
    db2licm -a filename
    where filename is the full path name and file name for the license certificate file that corresponds to the product or Db2 offering you have purchased.