Db2 for Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes

Db2 can be deployed in a Red Hat® OpenShift®(RHOS) cluster as a containerized micro-service, or pod, managed by Kubernetes.

While it is possible to deploy the containerized version of Db2 on other Kubernetes-managed container platforms, the documentation focuses on the Red Hat OpenShift deployment.

You deploy Db2 to your OpenShift cluster through a series of API calls to the Db2® Operator. The table below lists the Db2 Operators that have been released in the version v110508.x to v110509.x channels, and their supported Db2 versions for deployment on OpenShift.

The Db2 containerized solution utilizes both OpenShift and Kubernetes. This relationship determines the lifespan of each Db2 containerized solution. When the supporting OpenShift and Kubernetes versions are no longer supported, any Db2 containerized solution that is based on those versions is also no longer supported.

Table 1. Db2 Operators and their associated Db2 engines
Db2 Operator version Db2 Operator upgrade channel Db2 Engine version OCP Version Container Application Software for Enterprises (CASE) version
110508.0.1 v110508.0 s11.5.8.0-cn1 4.10, 4.12 5.1.2
110508.0.2 v110508.0 s11.5.8.0-cn2 4.10, 4.12 5.1.4
110508.0.3 v110508.0 s11.5.8.0-cn3 4.10, 4.12 5.4.2
110509.0.0 v110509.0 s11.5.9.0 4.12, 4.13, 4.14 5.6.0
110509.0.1 v110509.0 s11.5.9.0-cn1 4.12, 4.13, 4.14 5.6.2
110509.0.2 (Latest) v110509.0 s11.5.9.0-cn2 4.12, 4.13, 4.14 5.6.2
Attention: 1The containerized release of Db2 11.5.8 includes a code split from the IBM® Cloud Pak for Data product. As a result, the numbering scheme for the Db2 Operator changed for Db2 deployments on OpenShift and Kubernetes. Operators of version 3.x and higher are intended for deployments on Cloud Pak for Data and should not be obtained for standalone deployments of Db2 on OpenShift or Kubernetes.
The table below lists the Db2 Operator channels and the Db2 engine versions they support.
Table 2. Db2 Operator channels and supported Db2 engine versions
Channel Db2 engine version
v110508.0 11.5.8
v110509.0 11.5.9

If you are new to the world of containers and Kubernetes and would like to learn more, please see the Core Concepts section of the Red Hat OpenShift Documentation site.