Get back to work smarter

IBM and Samsung can together bring innovative solutions to life in an effort to help organizations work smarter so they can address business risk and minimize future disruptions.

Grow consumer trust across industries

Samsung has helped put the IBM Visual Verifier technology into the hands of industry clients to trace the authenticity of substances in what we wear, eat and use every day.

Create a secured, productive environment

A security-rich environment helps boost productivity when you combine IBM’s MaaS360 and Samsung’s Knox Platform.

Stay competitive in the global 5G market

Red Hat and Samsung collaborate to drive 5G adoption with Kubernetes-based networking for service providers.

Scale with leaders in the telecom ecosystem of 35+ partners

IBM Cloud for telecommunications offers an open, hybrid cloud architecture that helps address the challenges of the telecom industry and unlock the power of 5G and edge.  

Make real-time decisions based on AI

The Weather Company brings the most accurate weather forecasts to Samsung Galaxy smartphones allowing you to make real-time decisions based on AI insights.


Application Management Services for Cloud

IBM can help you reach your hybrid cloud potential by combining Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technology with our industry experience.

Connected Operations

Connected assets, intelligent operations and data at the edge can help detect defects, improve performance and manage business continuity.

Business Strategy and Design Services

IBM iX® works at the intersection of strategy, creativity and technology to help you create exceptional experiences and build your business, by design.


Building smart manufacturing operations powered by advanced technologies

Manufacturers need a technology platform that bridges the IT/OT gap.  Hear firsthand how to leverage new, integrated applications to harness the full power of Industry 4.0.

Defining innovation at the intelligent human edge

Samsung’s KC Choi, EVP and GM, Samsung Mobile shares insights about Industry 4.0, Samsung’s advancements in edge computing and the importance of collaborating with IBM and Red Hat.

Building enterprise networks and edge architectures with hybrid cloud

The rise of Industry 4.0 and edge solutions for enterprise is driving demand for flexible, secure edge computing and private networks. Samsung and IBM are developing an integrated 5G/LTE and edge capability with Samsung's end-to-end 5G network and mobile offerings, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and IBM's Telco Network Cloud Manager and Edge Application Manager.

Related solutions

Mobile strategy

With the breadth of Samsung’s fit-for-purpose device portfolio including wearables, 5G and AR innovation, and top-grade security combined with IBM iX design capabilities, we can help you create a mobile vision for your business.

Digital transformation

IBM’s industry expertise in AI and hybrid cloud is a great match for Samsung’s leadership in networking and mobility. If you need real-time insights to be more responsive to your clients, we can help.

IBM Garage

IBM Garage™ enables enterprises to accelerate, break through and work more like startups. In the spirit of co-creation, we run at startup speed with enterprise scale.

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No matter where you are in your journey of experience transformation, we can help you build your business, by design.