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The IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier is a technology comprised of a mobile phone, an optical device, and AI software that can detect differences in substances at a one micron resolution.
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Business value

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, brings together innovations in AI and optical imaging to help prove the identity, authenticity or quality of products or substances
in the field, Using a simple attachment to commercially available smartphones, AI and machine learning techniques, recognizing the optical characteristics of a substance, product or object. Even if you’re disconnected from the network.

The objects and substances that we buy, wear, eat or use every day all have their own unique optical patterns, sometimes undetectable by the human eye, that differentiate them from each other. These patterns can distinguish an organic ear of corn from a genetically modified one, identify impurities in diamonds, or detect counterfeit goods.

We think the opportunities for the Crypto Anchor Verifier are limitless and offer a viable way to protect and validate all kinds of physical substances and, combined with Blockchain, bring new levels of trust to business transactions. What would you use it for?

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Key Features
Addressing Counterfeit Goods

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier enables businesses to verify the authenticity of goods in the field or before they leave production facilities.

Minimizing Lab Costs

Clients who use the Verifier in the field can reduce the cost of unnecessary lab testing and the time lost to this process.

Increasing Confidence

The Verifier validates that businesses and consumers are receiving the authentic goods they paid for.

Increasing consumer trust in diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America is using the Crypto Anchor Verifier to help evaluate and grade diamonds by capturing and creating 3D model images of diamonds and predicting their clarity grade.
In the future, GIA will explore expanding access to this grading capability to retailers as part of their mission to protect consumers and ensure they trust in diamonds.

Detecting Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

A team of IBM Research and iX Mobile & XR resources worked with a large pharmacy chain to create two PoT applications designed to help pharmacists move more quickly and with more confidence.
A Pill Verification app leveraged the Crypto Anchor Verifier to distinguish between two medications identical to the human eye, and a Pill Counting app enabled pharmacy technicians to count prescriptions hands-free and with greater accuracy.

Detecting Disease in Cacao Plants

Earlier this year, IBM Research worked with a large food products company to detect disease on cacao leaves using the Crypto Anchor Verifier. The verifier was able to detect disease within hours of a cacao leaf being infected and could track disease progression on the same par as a human expert.
The client is now exploring using the verifier to detect disease on cocoa pods as well.

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