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Deliver public services with efficiency, speed and impact In the last few years, governments have provided vital solutions and services to citizens during trying times. Looking ahead, government leaders will have to use the knowledge they have gained throughout the years to meet the increasing demand for public services. They should also be prepared for future shocks. Increased economic volatility, extreme climate changes and supply chain disruptions are just some of the complex challenges that make future shocks more likely and impactful. To increase trust and confidence, government agencies can embody the true sense of digital governments that put citizens first by modernizing the IT infrastructure and workflows that make the delivery of safe, secure and reliable public services feasible. What can AI and generative AI do for governments?
IBM acquires Octo

Octo complements IBM's existing strengths in IT modernization and digital transformation, enabling a more significant impact for federal agencies and the citizens they serve.

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Benefits >4x

higher housing placement rate for Sonoma County’s homeless population compared to the national placement rate²


reduction in calls each month to New Jersey Department of Community Affairs call center leveraging self-service virtual agent solutions³

12 million

USD saved by a US Defense organization using AI-enabled predictive maintenance for select aircraft⁴

Capabilities Citizen experience and design

An employment benefits portal carries the same expectation as a streaming media platform. Our award-winning design capabilities deliver the ease of use, utility and speed that citizens demand.

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Service delivery and operations

AI can enable superior citizen experiences. Leveraging automation to reimagine processes reduces manual, paper-based activities, leading to more satisfied and productive teams in local governments and even in public sector organizations, thereby improving sustainability.

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Technology modernization

Innovating and deploying the public services demanded by today’s citizens require an agile, secure foundation. We have helped the world’s largest institutions, including those offering government consulting services, strategy consulting services, advisory services, financial services and any type of business process services transition to hybrid cloud by focusing on value and outcomes first.

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Defense and intelligence innovation

Cybersecurity is crucial, but complete preparedness relies on digitizing processes. IBM Consulting helps stakeholders, non-profit organizations, defense organizations, government organizations and even the private sector reimagine processes, leveraging technology to respond faster or even mitigate threats before they start.

Explore our work with the U.S. Dept. of Defense supply chain services
Public safety modernization and cybersecurity

The average cost of a single data breach to a public institution in 2022 was over USD 2 million.¹ Proactive strategies like zero trust and more efficient governance, change management, risk and compliance processes are helping secure critical data and trust in government.

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Ideate, build, measure, iterate and scale solutions seamlessly with our end-to-end framework of design thinking, agile and DevOps practices. Achieve speed-to-value and adopt breakthrough technologies through the partnership created with your team and a diverse set of IBM experts in business, design and technology. Learn more Talk to an IBM Garage expert
We always thought it was going to be the human touch and didn’t account for how technology could be instrumental in helping to change things. But bringing touch and technology together and starting to see how we could move the needle has been amazing. Tina Rivera Director Sonoma County Department of Health Services Read how Sonoma County improved residents’ lives
Case studies Connecting homeless with critical services

Improving data integration enabled Sonoma County to weave a stronger social safety net, increasing housing placement and decreasing homelessness.

Using data to navigate the pandemic in RI

IBM Consulting and the State of Rhode Island collaborated to build a cloud-based data lake and automated processes that quickly improved policy and operational decisions.

Improving responsiveness for the UK’s DWP

By connecting with and analyzing data stored in distributed applications more efficiently, the Department of Work and Pensions improved claim responsiveness from weeks to days.

Strategic partnerships Bring flexibility and innovation to government with AWS

As Amazon Web Services Global Innovation Partner of the Year, IBM helps governments integrate previously siloed data and systems into a flexible infrastructure that can enable a more efficient delivery of citizen services.

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Helping governments accelerate modernization with Microsoft

Our public sector experts bring experience built from a 30-year partnership with Microsoft—with our Gold Partner status spanning the Microsoft portfolio—to deliver improved economic, environmental and societal outcomes.

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Personalize citizen experience with Adobe’s Partner of the Year

As citizens demand modern interfaces and digital experiences from their governments, IBM and Adobe are providing new ways to meet them where they are.

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IBM’s partnership with Salesforce helped the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) reduce processing time for COVID-19 test results from 8 hours to 16 minutes, enabling faster tracing which was “absolutely essential to suppressing the spread of the virus.”

Explore the story and our Salesforce capabilities
Related solutions Octo and IBM: accelerating innovation

Acquired by IBM, Octo helps solve some of the federal government’s most complex challenges through a unique combination of domain expertise and emerging technology application.

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Modernizing government technology

Global events highlight the urgency for IT modernization across all types of government services, including healthcare, government contracting, human services, public sector consulting, risk management, strategic planning, procurement and welfare services in the social sector . IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture and AI solutions provide the transformation that resilient societies require and citizens expect.

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Revolutionizing city infrastructure

Cities throughout the world are using hybrid cloud, AI and connectivity to modernize public infrastructure and improve transportation services.

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