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As work from home and hybrid cloud ecosystems become more commonplace, it’s difficult to administer the manageability, security and infrastructure requirements needed to keep a business running. IT leaders are seeking tools that ease the management of these environments securely and cost-effectively. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is that tool.

Virtualization explained

Virtualization explained (05:19)

Extend VDI implementation with CVAD


Benefit from an industry-leading virtual apps and desktops suite from IBM public cloud and Citrix for a seamless provisioning process. Customers can use CVAD on IBM Cloud to extend current on-premises VDI implementation. Also, build a new VDI deployment in the public cloud while using underlying technologies from Citrix with a partially managed solution.

Start new or extend on-premises VDI faster

Why Dizzion

Get native VMware Horizon Enterprise capabilities from Dizzion Managed DaaS on IBM Cloud, including App Volumes, Dynamic Environment Manager and Cloud Pod Architecture. If you’re starting new or extending on-premises VDI to the cloud, Dizzion gets you up and running quickly and permits you to scale on-demand with a fully or partially managed option.

Benefits of VDI


What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Learn the benefits of and use cases for VDI, how it works and whether it’s right for your company.

Migrate your CVAD to the IBM Cloud

Discover how CVAD can address the complexity inherent in hosting and managing VDI entirely on prem.

Build your own VDI

Explore our approach to IaaS, which lets you scale and shrink resources as needed around the world.

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