Comparing compute services

There are a range of options for working with serverless technologies in a cloud environment.


Common use cases for serverless

Use serverless functions for mobile back ends and web apps, processing IoT data, economizing API connections, and integrating AI services.

Using the IBM Cloud® mobile SDK

This SDK facilitates quickly building the back-end business logic for mobile applications.


Explore how the IBM Cloud Functions platform works.

Serverless computing

Discover how the serverless programming model is a simpler, more cost-effective way of building and operating applications in the cloud.

Functions as a service (FaaS)

Get an intro to FaaS and learn how it makes it easier for cloud application developers to run and manage microservices applications.

Compute services on IBM Cloud

Enjoy a wide range of secure compute choices: bare metal, virtual private cloud (VPC), virtual servers, containers and serverless resources.

Get started with IBM Cloud Functions in minutes