New Features in IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment v5.2.0

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We've released v5.2 of the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), and there are some great new features and capabilities now available.  

IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) is one of IBM's three deployment options for Cloud Foundry. CFEE allows you to create and manage isolated environments for hosting Cloud Foundry applications exclusively for your enterprise. It provides self-service deployment and elastic consumption, rapid provisioning, complete access to Cloud Foundry admin operations, and is fully integrated with the vast catalog of IBM Cloud™ services, enabling you to build complex applications with a wide range of services. It runs on a Kubernetes service, which reduces complexity by giving development teams a comprehensive set of familiar tools under one management umbrella.

Enhanced capabilities on VPC on Classic

Previously, support had been added to deploy an IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment into an existing IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Support has now been added for scaling instances provisioned into VPC and for enabling monitoring in instances provisioned into VPC. This provides all levels of functionality of Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment on VPC Classic as is already available for the existing IBM Cloud networking infrastructure.

Sysdig enablement support

Support has been added for enabling Sysdig in instances with monitoring enabled (both VPC and non-VPC instances). Sysdig is a flexible, open-source system monitoring and troubleshooting tool and can be used for system analysis, inspection, and debugging. Once a user has enabled monitoring, they can refer to the CFEE Monitoring documentation to deploy Sysdig into the CFEE instance. At this point, the user can choose to use either Prometheus or Sysdig.

Cloud Foundry platform logs to LogDNA

The capability now exists to send logs from the underlying Cloud Foundry platform to LogDNA for detailed log analysis and inspection.

Getting started with CFEE v5.2

To get started with this release of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), you can deploy a new Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

If you already have one, you can upgrade your environment to this version by going to the Updates and Scaling page in the Cloud Foundry Enterprise's user interface and clicking Update.

Consult the release notes and the documentation for details on how to use all these new features.

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